Eat crap if you want to

Eat Crap If You Want To Once upon a time, I was just like everyone else. I saw food as a pleasure in life and used to brag that 'I could eat anything'. Back then, I was pretty happy eating buckets

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The Raw Energy Philosophy: Ignite the Raw Energy in You

HOW IS YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? This very minute. Are you living the life you always hoped you would? Give that some thought. What did you dream you'd do as an adult, while you were growing up? Did you

Vegetarian Restaurant Review: The Riverside Vegetaria – Kingston Upon Thames

So as January gallops past, I haven't forgotten my goal and commitment at the start of the year: ‘I will personally eat at 20 different vegetation, vegan or raw restaurants around the world by December and write a review on my blog for you.’ Last

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Food for Thought – Review

I listened to an interesting interview this morning which got me thinking more about goals, not how to set them, but how to help you achieve them! One particular stat interested me. Apparently, research has shown that the chances of achieving a goal increase by

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3 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

3 Reasons to Eat Less Meat One topic which is often debated in nutrition circles is whether or not people should eat meat. Humans can certainly survive and thrive without meat or animal products in their diet, and, in my view, there are three

What do vegans and vegetarians eat?

If you thinking about eating less meat, but are struggling to work out what a more plant-based diet would look like, this short video should come in very handy. Sign-up for the Raw Energy Email Newsletter: Healthy Habits

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Vegetarian Starter Kit

One thing I've noticed is that many people express a preference for eating a plant-based diet, but struggle with the practicalities. Questions such as what should I eat? What should i prepare for my family? Will I get sufficient nutrition? Will I need supplements? All

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