This very minute. Are you living the life you always hoped you would?

Give that some thought. What did you dream you’d do as an adult,
while you were growing up? Did you even know?

– When you wake up in the morning, do you feel glad to be there, in that bed, in that building?

Are you lying beside the love of your life, in a mutually-fulfilling relationship?
Do you spring out of bed with lots of energy and vitality?
Do you have a spiritual connection and a great social network?
Do you have a career that fills you?
Does your bank balance make you feel abundant?
Do you regularly feel joy and gratitude?

If the answer to all of these is Yes – then well done! That is awesome.
Keep doing what you are doing.
Any No’s? Then you are not alone. The majority of people in the world
have at least one area of their life that they are not happy about.

There’s lots of hope though.

First, you need to know where you are right now. Our “What is Your Normal?” questionnaire will give you a read on your current situation.
That will give you a great starting point to your next action strategy.

Second, build your wellbeing & resilience toolkit – take a look at our
RAW Energy Philosophy to see how to structure it all together.

With that toolkit in hand, you can handle anything that life throws at you,
day by day, year by year.


If you’d like any help putting your toolkit together, I am here to help you.


I remember the moment well. I was 21 and had just graduated with a degree in Psychology. 

I’d worked so hard and was delighted with the result. But then came that feeling of dread. That feeling in the pit of the stomach that comes when clarity is lacking. What was I going to do? I had no clue what career path I was going to follow. My future was filled with uncertainty. What made things even worse was the very helpful newspaper headlines, filled with stories of Oxbridge graduates working behind the counter at McDonalds due to the lack of jobs.

I didn’t hold out much hope for me! 

However, I knew that action leads to results, so I took the only action I could think of and applied for every job I could find, thumbing through the Guardian newspaper. I was drawn to publishing and media and imagined myself on TV in some capacity, and I got lucky and landed a Marketing Assistant job in book publishing. Ok, it wasn’t TV, but I loved books and enjoyed the responsibility of producing a whole catalogue by myself, filled with science and technology books and journals. I learnt about design and copywriting and spent half my life faxing information to sales reps around the world, a task that now would take about five minutes! 

Perhaps it was the company I worked for, but I found book publishing to be chaotic. We had thousands of books and hundreds of authors and all of them wanted and expected a personalised marketing plan!  I was given a lot of responsibility very quickly and found myself managing a team of 7 people by the age of 24 without any training at all.  It was a big recipe for stress and ill-being and I needed some form of coping mechanism.  Having never been taught how to manage stress, I just did what my colleagues around me did: drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes and ate tasty, high calorie, low nutrient food.  


Luckily, I intuitively knew that this wasn’t the solution, but it took a wake-up call on a single day in Ireland in 1997 that pushed me in the direction of wellbeing. On that day, I made a decision to change and move towards a different future, building my own personal wellbeing and resilience toolkit, tool by tool. Over the years, this has evolved into the RAW Energy philosophy and framework.

I created this short video to share more about The RAW Energy philosophy: 


RAW Energy
started as a blog which I called RAW Energy, simply because I thought that energy was a good thing to have and the RAW came from my interest in returning to a more natural state of being. Initially, it had an audience of one (me!), and I wrote articles on topics that interested me: a lot on food, drinks and supplements, but also on movement, health data and technology, sleep and mindfulness and other healthy habits.

As my knowledge and perspective grew, the content shifted and has become a somewhat historical reference of my transition from mainstream living to a home-made, green-juice-drinking, wellness geek. As I learned, I made changes to my lifestyle, step-by-step over time: becoming 100% plant-based, practicing yoga, meditation and becoming much more spiritually aware, reframing big life experiences as part of my spiritual growth.


As time passed, I had a deep desire to share my knowledge and perspective with others. I trained to be a health coach which gave me some great strategies and tools and with that knowledge and skills I began coaching people, launched a newsletter called ‘Healthy Habits’ and wrote a book called Sugar: Sickly or Sweet, to help demystify the confusion around eating sugar.

I then took my passion and knowledge into RBI, the corporate information business where I was Global Marketing Director. That led to to the RBI Living Well programme that gave me the opportunity to put some of these tools to the test and brought me into the world of workplace and corporate wellbeing. It took off and over the next five years became embedded into the culture and brought me face-to-face with issues like mental health and psychological stress, which led to my next book: Success without Stress.


Today from my home in Sydney, Australia, championing wellbeing, around the globe, is now my life.  It’s part of my identity, but it’s not just me. Whilst I was certainly an early adopter in this space, wellness is now a mega-trend, as more and more people, especially younger people, are waking up to the fact that the default healthcare system that supported their parents, may not be the best solution for them.

It is my deep belief that wellbeing, a state of harmony, is the natural state for the humans to be in but in our modern, stressful life, it requires work to maintain that harmony.  Wellbeing encompasses mind, body and spirit, all of the elements that feature in the RAW Energy framework.

Today, the RAW Energy philosophy guides my entire life, from my daily healthy habits to the brands and clients I choose to work with. As a Chief Customer Officer, a marketer, a coach, a consultant, a husband, a father, a son, a brother and a friend, I work with people individually and in groups to help them ignite their RAW Energy, and most importantly, channel that RAW Energy into productive activities that leads to positive growth.

In short, I help people who want to make a difference, make that difference.


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Wherever you are on your life journey, change is part of life and with change comes transition and transition requires support. My own journey to igniting my own RAW Energy started by deciding to upgrade what I put into my mouth every day. With the increased nutrition and reduced calories came an increase in energy and with that energy I have been able to live a life that I could never have imagined back when I graduated with that degree but no clarity of what I was going to do with it.

As a wise person once told me, having knowledge is no longer as powerful as it once was given the ubiquitous nature of information. True power comes from clarity as clarity leads to energy and decisive actions which leads to results.

Get in contact today and book a 
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I am here to serve you and guide you, with the help of the RAW Energy Philosophy,
to build your own resilience plan and transition to your own ideal life.