Our valued speakers included:-

  • Claire de Carteret, from Gallup Business Learning Solutions, who gave the opening keynote “The workplace in 2030 – key trends & research on the future of work”
  • Stephen Lyons (Macquarie Bank), Sean Carroll (Australia Post), Elizabeth Bradford (HSBC) and Audrey McGibbon (Executive coach and wellbeing expert, chairing), who discussed “Wellbeing as a driver of sustainable high performance”
  • Sue Langley from The Langley Group, who spoke about “Using positive leadership to transform your work culture”
  • Timo Topp (personal trainer), who refreshed everyone with stretching and energiser sessions
  • Dr Manoj Waikar (Encardia Wellness) who inspired us with his presentation “The heart of the matter: workplace wellness and stress reduction”
  • Poppy Jaman, OBE (CEO of the City Mental Health Alliance and Non-exec Director of Public Health England), who had a fireside chat with Cindy Lenferna de la Motte, about her work in mental health advocacy, policy advisory and as a social entrepreneur
  • Martine Beaumont (Select Wellness, chairing), Camilla Thompson (Select Wellness), Alex Feher (Culture and Values Coach) and Oscar Oberg (Wilson Asset Management), who discussed the benefits of embedding wellbeing as a core organisational value (Wilson Asset Management’s story)
  • Susan Gallacher (Australia Post) and Dr Órla NicDomhnaill (Thrive Advisory)who talked about the role and impact of Executive Wellbeing in leadership development programs for high-potential talent
  • Lawrence Mitchell (Sumo Salad / Raw Energy), who shared with us how to unleash the energy in your workplace
  • Chef Kim (Sumo Salad) – for demonstrating practical food for convenience 
  • Jane Gardner (Lendlease) and Nataly Bovopoulos (MHFA Australia)who discussed how Lendlease have implemented cultural change regarding mental health across their billion-dollar HQ in Sydney to create a happy and healthy workforce
  • Allan Ryan (Hargraves Institute), who spoke about “wellness & business ROI: the experience mindset”
  • Wrapping up with a final “Future of Work Hackathon” led by Cindy Lenferna de la Motte, with Elizabeth Bradford (HSBC), Fontaine Foxworth (Google US), Clare Babbage (CBQC) and Annaliese McGavin (Science of Innovation Lab)

Round table discussions were chaired by:-

Future Fit Families – Education of the future: supporting change & becoming part of the solution

The Healthy Brand Company – Healthy Brand: Align customer and employer brands and experiences

Sumo Salad & Snack Proud – Nutrition & Workplace Experience: Improve energy & Creativity 

Hargraves Institute – The business of Wellness: Creating a Dashboard

GLWS Wellbeing – Strategic directions for wellbeing: Wellbeing as a Leadership Capability

Google – Fostering self-expression: Encouraging creativity in ourselves and others 

Langley Group – Strengths-based leadership culture: building a positive foundation for flourishing

Evoke Projects – WELL Workspaces: a holistic approach to wellbeing

Food and drink was provided by:-

  • Sumo Salad (breakfast bowls and green juices)
  • Remedy Kombucha (Kombucha)
  • Snack Proud (snacks)
  • Doltone House (lunch)

Thanks again to our sponsors:-