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Wellbeing at Work Leadership Summit

Despite biblical rainfall & rising COVID cases, our first in-person Wellbeing at Work Leadership Summit since 2019 took place on April 7th, 2022 at the wonderful Living Edge in Sydney. 

A huge thank you to our speakers, our partners and everybody who braved the conditions to join us.

The venue was awesome, the food outstanding and the conversations inspiring. We didn’t just talk about Wellbeing at Work, we experienced it!

For me, it was great to be back in a room with other people talking about one of my favourite topics, and having one to one, authentic conversations. 

It has been two and half years since our last Wellbeing at Work in-person summit in Australia. And whilst the context has changed, the mission remains exactly the same: making wellbeing a strategic priority. Fortunately, as we heard, many leading companies now see Wellbeing as a ‘must have’, and are investing serious $s behind their words to become an employer of choice during this age of great transition.