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Kate Colley, Head of People & Culture, at Australia Post

💬 “We’ve got great online resources for people, fantastic webinars, there’s online yoga, there’s all of those lovely things that you can do, but the *psychological safety* is really the most important bit of all of that. People really do need to be able to struggle safely. And if you don’t have that in place, then people can’t really thrive as well.” – Kate Colley
💗 Day 17 of the 50 Days of Finding EQUILIBRIUM
🤩 Today’s interview is with Kate Colley, Head of People & Culture at Australia Post.

👏 It’s so interesting to learn how such a huge organisation can support the wellbeing of their diverse group of staff, who are also dispersed around the entire country, in terms of
–      increasing the psychological safety of their people to be able to speak up with personal issues

–      work-life balance and taking breaks
–      building emotional intelligence

–      training their people to be leaders
💎 Well worth a listen.

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