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10 Free Raw Recipes

I'm not advocating raw food exclusively over other food choices, but for those people who are keen to integrate some raw foods into their diets, there are some absolutely fabulous gourmet raw dishes available. Many are available from a growing number of raw food restaurants

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Raw Chocolate Brittle Recipe

I made the most delcious raw chocolate brittle last night. It was a bit of an experiment, but has come out very well so I wanted to share the recipe with y0u - particularly all of the chocolate lovers out there. What you'll need: Raw

Strawberry Ice Dream Smoothie

We're experiencing a heat wave in the UK and with hot weather comes a desire for Icecream. My 6 year-old son, Samson, loves ice-cream and so my challenge was to source a recipe that passed the 'Samson' test and thanks to Karen Knowler, this one

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Raw Barbecue Sauce

I accidentally ordered too much of a few things this week and was a bit alarmed to receive three enormous boxes of garlic granules, sea salt and sundried tomatoes. Still, they will last and with that in mind, I was delighted to see Nina Dench's

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Avocado & tomato salad

This is a nice salad which is very easy to prepare and perfect for these summer months. What you need? Source some lovely green leaves - I particularly like kale and spinach, but it works with lettuce or any other green leaves that are in

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3 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

3 Reasons to Eat Less Meat One topic which is often debated in nutrition circles is whether or not people should eat meat. Humans can certainly survive and thrive without meat or animal products in their diet, and, in my view, there are three

Do we need vitamin supplements or not?

This is a question that is often asked and and one could easily argue that spending money on all of these supplements is a big waste. BUT - and it's a big BUT - this is true if the food you're eating is nutrient-dense. As


Pure Food and Wine’s Raw Pad Thai Recipe

I was in New York City last November and took the opportunity to visit Pure Food and Wine, one of the country’s most acclaimed restaurants. Of its entirely plant-based vegan menu, nothing is heated above 118°F, to preserve valuable vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. I ordered

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