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Kitten therapy – a prescription for stress?

If, like me, you have been contemplating getting a pet for ages, but just haven't taken action yet, then the stack of research over the last 25 years supporting the theory that pets can form an important part of a stress management system, may help sway

  • What should you eat to reduce stress and boost your energy?

What should you eat to reduce stress and boost your energy?

In my work as a health coach, ‘what should I eat to reduce stress and boost energy’ is a question that I am asked more frequently than any other. People are confused, and it’s no wonder as there’s a huge amount of conflicting advice in

  • Is-Coffee-Taking-Over

Do you know how much coffee you’re drinking?

Three weeks ago I had my first cup of coffee in 10 years! You see, once upon a time I had developed an unhealthy habit for drinking black coffee whilst working. The habit gradually crept upon me, and I wasn't even aware of how much I

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Five Ways To Re-Think Stress

What do I mean when I talk about 're-thinking stress?' What I mean is literally to think in a different way about the stress you are feeling. Stress is part of life, but many of us bring more stress onto ourselves, simply by worrying about

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Why are large organisations getting more stressed?

Working in and for a large business, I see it everyday. People, my colleagues, my team feeling under pressure, feeling stressed often due to workload;  but it's not just workload.  The fact that large organisations contain lots of people, often required to collaborate across different geographies

  • 7 Ways To Create A Chemical Stress Free Home

7 Ways To Create A Chemical Stress Free Home

Whilst we all tend to think of psychological stress when we hear the word 'stress', chemical stress in our environment is a major source of stress on our bodies. So why would you need 7 ways to create a chemical stress free environment so you


Is Stress A Misguided Badge Of Honour For Women

This article is curated by Lisa at Team Raw Energy. You're well aware, I am sure, that modern life is stressful - it's just how things are these days. The pressure on women to do it all and have it all doesn't seem to be

Tracking habits – a full system to optimise your life

Two years ago, I stumbled across the Quantified Self movement, a group of people focused on finding ways to better understand themselves by tracking personal data points. I started attending their London meetups and even went to the European Conference last year in Amsterdam:  which

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