There comes a point in your life when you suddenly see things quite clearly. 

The past, the present, the future all seem very clear. 

After a lifetime of mist, the veil is lifted.

Until this point, you feel like a visitor from a different place and a different time.

You try to fit in, but know deep, deep down, that you never will. 

You want to share, trust and be open, but don’t know how.

You experience some dark moments.

Eventually, the only option is to leave the familiar and start to search.

To search for that feeling of belonging. That feeling of acceptance.

You travel to the far corners of the globe, expanding your mind and challenging your beliefs.

You lose yourself in books and accumulate a vast body of knowledge. 

You experience many different things.

Your career blossoms and you seem successful on the outside.

But inside, there’s something missing.

You never feel quite good enough.

You never feel whole.

Sometimes you are enveloped with fear. 

Fear of speaking out. Fear of missing out. Fear of rejection. Fear of Fear.

Eventually, the penny drops.

You can never be accepted, until you accept yourself. 

Until you accept yourself.

Eventually the fears lessens. 

The daily stress and anxieties reduce. 

And in their place comes a deep sense of peace. A feeling of equilibrium. A feeling of love.

Unconditional love that’s hard to explain. 

Unconditional love that lightens up the darkened path.

It comes in waves, it hits you hard, creating a struggle between your mind and your heart. 

It forces you to lift the veil higher and look into the Mirror of Truth.

Once you see, you can’t unsee.

Once you see,  you know that you can never go back. 

This is a one-way ticket.

The only option is to go forward, taking your learnings with you.

All you can do is to go forward,  clasping the Golden Key to the door of truth

All you can do is go forward, knowing in your heart that the door of truth will manifest eventually.

Revealing the true wonder of who you really are.