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The Order of the Teaspoon

I recently read this amazing passage from Oz Amos’ book: “How to Cure a Fanatic”. It’s an incredible passage:

“I believe that if one person is watching a huge calamity, let’s say a conflagration, a fire, there are always three principle options.

  1.  Run away, as far away and as fast as you can and let those who cannot run burn.
  2. Write a very angry letter to the editor of your paper demanding that the responsible people be removed from office with disgrace. Or, for that matter, launch a demonstration.
  3. Bring a bucket of water and throw it on the fire, and if you don’t have a bucket, bring a glass, and if you don’t have a glass, use a teaspoon, everyone has a teaspoon. And yes, I know a teaspoon is little and the fire is huge but there are millions of us and each one of us has a teaspoon. Now I would like to establish the Order of the Teaspoon. People who share my attitude, not the run away attitude, or the letter attitude, but the teaspoon attitude – I would like them to walk around wearing a little teaspoon on the lapel of their jackets, so that we know that we are in the same movement, in the same brotherhood, in the same order, The Order of the Teaspoon.’

As Ronni Kahn said in her book: A Repurposed Life:

“the teaspoon is your birthright. You were born with it, open you hands and take a look. It lives in your heart. It is your heart. Now all you have to do is start using it.”