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Don’t be a marketing victim: resist and save money for your future

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(Source: istock) When I began my first career in Market Research and studied for my Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, the way we were taught about the art of marketing was to create a need and then

How Spending Money Is Like Eating

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On first glance, how you spend your money and how you eat seem completely different things. But, if you look at it a different way, your Spending Habits are very much like your Eating Habits. Here’s what I mean.

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4 reasons why people don’t save and invest – and why you should do it anyway

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Everyone should save and invest a percentage of their earnings. Why? Because if you don’t, you are not maximising as much value as you can from life. (I know that’s a big statement, but it’s true.) Say you receive

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Vegan London: A personal tour of London’s Plant-Based scene

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Vegan London: A personal tour of London's Plant-Based scene  When I first decided to stop eating animal products back in 2006, I was hard pressed to find anything decent to eat in London’s restaurants.  Pure plant-based restaurants were few and far


The Raw Energy Philosophy: Ignite the Raw Energy in You

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HOW IS YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? This very minute. Are you living the life you always hoped you would? Give that some thought. What did you dream you'd do as an adult, while you were growing up? Did you

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In the Game of Money, would you be on the winning side?

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When my son, Sam, was just older than a toddler, we would go to the play park and when he climbed onto the climbing frame, it was no longer a climbing frame, oh no, it was an aeorplane and

Wellbeing@Work Meetup – March 14th 2019

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Limited Places Available Our next Quarterly Meeting takes place on March 14th & we are delighted to welcome Mindfulness & Meditation expert Chibs Okereke who will be providing a practical session at the end of our meet-up - details below The Wellbeing @ Work quarterly meet-up

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How to Have More Time in Your Day

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When the taxi pulled up at Sydney harbour, I looked up at the ship from the ground. It was enormous, and this was to be our home for the next 10 days. We hadn’t been on a proper holiday since moving

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