Don’t be a slave to technology

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Don't be a slave to technology

Why you should track your health like a business tracks success

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Have you ever through about tracking your health data, just like your company tracks it's business, to measure success? Businesses routinely collect all sorts of numbers, because numbers tell a story. By measuring activities and outcomes in businesses, we can understand the drivers of business

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5 Top Admin hacks to boost your productivity

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The single problem I hear whenever I coach people is time, there’s never enough of it to everything we want to do.  So here's my 5 Top hacks to boost your productivity, because time is a finite resource, but with some simple systems practiced every

Tracking habits – a full system to optimise your life

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Two years ago, I stumbled across the Quantified Self movement, a group of people focused on finding ways to better understand themselves through tracking personal data points. I started attending their London meetups and even went to the European Conference last year in Amsterdam:  which

Data-driven wellbeing: The 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference Review

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I’ve been tracking many aspects of my health for a long-time now, but only stumbled upon the Quantified Self (QS) movement by chance. It was great to have a label for what I do and meet like-minded people who run interesting experiments to optimize their

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