Navigating the Festive Season from a Wellness Perspective

Before Australia and my life in health, I spent the majority of my career in publishing and information and learnt all about digital disruption before it even was a thing!  Now disruption and transformation dominate discussions around the globe. You are either being disrupted, worrying about being disrupted or planning to disrupt someone else.
But working in publishing throughout the first phase of the digital revolution taught me some key skills:  
  • to focus on the customer problem
  • to put people and culture first 
  • to never be complacent
  • to keep looking ahead and innovating
  • To prioritise my own wellbeing and resilience
These basic principles have served me well.
But the last one (prioritising wellbeing & resilience) is the one we see super smart people all around the world not doing, often with catastrophic results.  Here at Raw Energy, we want to change that.
If you are looking to promote a healthier culture at work (or with friends and family), the festive season can be a nightmare as drinking alcohol and eating loads of poor quality food becomes the norm.  But entering into this festive period gives you an opportunity to reassess your own behaviour and create a game plan that will inspire your people to adopt healthier habits that will without a doubt serve them well. Remember, though, that everyone has their own starting point.
Here are three principles…
  1. Try to inspire through your own behaviour and make it look easy
  2. Focus on upgrading the food and the drink as this will make the biggest difference and is a very personal thing 
  3. Focus on the messaging remembering that people don’t like to be told what to eat and drink

Your Festive Season Food Game Plan


SunLove GreensA great product we recommend from Inner Origin, that can flood your body with nutrients over this festive period is SunLove Greens

Packed with the best quality nutrients, it removes toxicity in your body and also boosts your body’s immune system.  In addition, it improves your cellular health, cognitive function, bone strength, heart health and stomach issues, stabilising your blood sugar and aiding fat loss in the process.  

How awesome is that??

A versatile product, it can be added to your morning smoothie, or as an afternoon shot. 

We met the naturopath creator of the product and she was truly lovely and passionate about the good health that we all have as our birthright.

SunLove Greens is perfect at this time of year as a healthy antidote to any excesses.  

Order some for yourself through this link.

To end, here’s a link to a Facebook Live video I did with Personal Trainer and fitness celebrity, Sally Strengf. We covered some great additional tips for navigating the festive period.