“Never let work make you sick”

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I love this quote from Amy Childs that nicely summarises the core message of our third Sydney Wellbeing@Work Summit. A huge thanks to all of our speakers, tech team and everybody involved in making this happen! All of the content is available on demand via our Wellbeing@Work Hub, providing  16 hours of content to help you and your colleagues create more resilient, more empowering, more engaging and more productive work cultures.  

Email me if you’d like access. 

I feel truly inspired as I always do after these events, and it has certainly been interesting seeing how ‘corporate wellbeing’ has evolved over the last five years from “a nice to have”, to a strategic priority for organisations of all shapes and sizes.
As you’d expect the key themes this year were leadership during uncertain times; support for mental health;  resilience, connection, diversity and inclusion. 
Here are a few highlights:
The Big Interview

“Happy People Sell”  

“Never let work make me sick”  

“Don’t make perfect the enemy of good”

“#Selfcare and self-love IS NOT selfish” 

“Share joy every day”  

” Mental health is a vibrancy of being human”  

“Self calibrate everyday”  

“Embrace Forest bathing to support your mental”  


“Don’t waste a crisis”

“Aim to come out of this better than you went in and help people to build their capacity to excel at change”  

“Prioritise your health every single day”  

“Have more in-depth conversations”  

“Manage onboarding in as holistic way as possible”  

‘Social media is connection of your people’s lives”


“Data is a great influencer”  

“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”

“The CEO is the light shining down”

“Look at outward expressions representing a signal that this company welcomes you”

There were a lot of other great insights and quotes shared, and here are just a few others from Duncan Young, Michele Chevally Hedge and Christina Gerakiteys:

“Nothing new in wellbeing, the same things: food, sleep, movement are the key tools to leverage”

“Technology destroys jobs, but not work”  

“Become a highly adaptable generalist”


“The future of work is life-long learning”

Let me leave you with some final words of wisdom and some great summaries of the sessions by Lina Mbirkou

 “Accept what is and  look for the silver lining as it will always be there!’

You can also listen to the synthesis that Lina recorded with Daryl Brown