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How to reduce sugar cravings: radio interview

Debbie Walker interviewed me for her radio show - Food For thought, on Natural Health Radio, which I am pleased to see has found its way onto many other sites. Here's a link to the Youtube version. The interview is based on my book: Sugar:

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Sugar: Are you eating too much?

Is sugar the new tobacco? Sugar and it’s impact on our bodies has certainly been in the news over the last few months. The UK’s Daily Mail, for instance, likened sugar to tobacco. Just yesterday, Mercola.com, outlined the findings of a major new report

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Weight Loss Tip of the Day: Eat less!

Love yourself more, Eat less I was chatting to my cousin Daniel the other day and wanted to share his weight loss story. Daniel lost over 50lbs in weight in a relatively short period – just over six months, dropping from a hefty 210lbs

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Weight Loss Tip of the Day: Life-style Changes Work

Life-style changes work This is a really fascinating story of how two twins used data to really understand why there was a 30lbs difference in their weight. The conclusions support many of the assertions that are often made in natural health groups: Life-style changes

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Weight Loss Tip of the Day: Use Technology to Track Progress

Take Advantage of Technology Today's tip is all about using technology to track progress to keep yourself motivated. This was a technique that my cousin used successfully to lose 30lbs. There are apps to help you track weight, measure body fat, track activity (such

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Weight Loss Tip for the day

Today's tip comes from health coach, Cynthia Johaine 'I would suggest eating more nutrient based carbohydrates such as Kasha and Quinoa and increasing vegetable and fruit consumption, incorporate a variety of vegetables and fruits and whole grains. Variety and various colours of produce will increase

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Weight Loss Tip of the day

Today's tip comes in the form of a very useful chart, rather than a quote...showing that the most popular methods of losing weight are: 'Cutting down on foods high in sugar' & 'Eating smaller portions' Some of the other methods listed may help in the

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Weight Loss Tip for the day

Some great suggestions here from Deborah Miller. I really relate to the first point and am very guilty of eating far too quickly...rather than taking the time to really enjoy and appreciate what i'm eating as Deborah suggests: 'I would suggest eating in a relaxed

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