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The honest food guide – the road to health

  If you're a visual person and would like a simple illustration of what foods and drinks are likely to lead to disease and which could take you on the road to health, I love the honest food guide below. I have a big laminated

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Blood analysis: WellnessFx

I'm just on my way back from San Francisco where I've been attending the Dreamforce Convention. Whilst here I also managed to get some blood tests done as part of WellnessFx, a type of 'google analytics' for your body, showing you what's going on 'on


15 things that could help you be happier

Have you ever noticed how self-help books often make the task of change seem very easy? They are full of tips of dos and don'ts underpinned by the promise that all you have to do is follow these tasks and you will change. However, as


How sleep cleans out the brain

Well I arrived in San Francisco and was surprisingly chirpy after the 10 and a half hour flight! The big problem for me now is sleep as I managed to get just 4 hours, despite forcing myself to stay up until 9.30pm (Pacific time) and


Healthy food whilst travelling

I'm at Heathrow Airport just waiting for my flight to San Francisco. For once I feel fully prepared in terms of healthy food snacks to get me through the whole journey. Thought you might be interested in a few of the things in my bag:

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Raw pizza

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Shazzie’s raw food day

Spending day with shazzie learning to prepare gourmet raw food

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