I’m just on my way back from San Francisco where I’ve been attending the Dreamforce Convention.

Whilst here I also managed to get some blood tests done as part of WellnessFx, a type of ‘google analytics’ for your body, showing you what’s going on ‘on the inside’ and where you need to take action.

The key thing isn’t only what the data looks like now, but how the data trends over time and how it is influenced by changes in inputs including diet . exercise, meditation etc.

I got my results earlier today and below is a snippet from my personalised dashboard.

As you can see, the data is presented very visually using a traffic light system so that you can quickly see where the risk areas are. You can drill into each item to understand not only what the metric indicates, but what’s driving the metric and then, book a consultation with a range of vetted medical practitioners.

The good news for me is that everything was green, except for two areas. Now, given that I do have a lot of very healthy habits, I wasn’t surprised by the results. However, having said that, there were quite a few indicators where I was more borderline than I would have thought.

As the service is only available in the US, going forward, I can still get the tests done, but will need to upload the data myself into my dashboard.