For me green juice is a daily habit, and has been for some years now.

It all started when I attended one of Peter Pure’s health seminars.

He spoke about juicing and asked why people don’t juice.

Guess what the most popular reason was?

You guessed it – cleaning the thing – which isn’t fun, I have to admit.

But then Peter said the words that began my daily juice habit.

They were powerful words of persuasion which certainly worked with me.

He said:

‘Better to spend 10 minutes cleaning a juicer, than hours in the doctor’s’.

Those words resonated with me hugely and led to my daily juicing ritual.

In practice, every morning I will juice a range of green vegetables: cucumber, celery, kale, wild greens from the garden deepening on the season. I’ll then add pear or apple for taste, plus some powdered supplements for that extra boost.

Its an amazing way to start everyday. Heather, my wife, and Samson, my 6 year-old son drink it too – although perhaps not quite as enthusiastically as I’d like!

To help you get started with juicing greens, I wanted to share Drew Canole’s step-by step-guide below which gives you a great recipe to get going. Of course, apart from the greens, you will need a juicer. I use a Greenstar which is fab and will juice the toughest of grasses. It’s not cheap, but worth every penny.

‘Juicing vegetables is tasty, easy and beneficial for your health. Juicing vegetables is a great way to reward your body with nutrient dense vegetables, vitamins, minerals and powerful nutrients.

Many of my clients who first come to me, complain about feeling sluggish, tired, no energy, lack of sleep and often times they want to get into shape. One of the first things I recommend is a simple juice fast.

When you first start juicing greens, you might be confused on what greens to juice and how to get a good tasty juice. You don’t want the juice to be bitter or unbearable. For these reasons I came up with 5 tips for juicing greens.

  1. Start with a Base

Before you add any leafy greens like kale, add a base. A base includes vegetables like romaine lettuce, celery, or cucumber. You want to add high water content vegetables.

Adding celery, cucumber or romaine lettuce also makes you green juices taste better.

  1. Add Leafy Greens

Next you want to add some leafy greens. I love to add kale to most of my juices.

  1. Add Some Herbs

Add a handful of cilantro, parsley or basil to your juices. Herbs like cilantro and parsley are great for helping you detox.

  1. Add a Little Zing

Add some GINGER. Ginger has great anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Add Lemon or Lime!

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system, helps remove toxins from your body and also helps keep your body’s pH in an alkaline state.

  1. Bonus!

Add a pear or apple to sweeten it up!

via 5 Tips For Juicing Greens!.’