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Hi, I’m Lawrence (Larry) Mitchell and Welcome to Raw Energy.As a life and wellbeing coach, raw foods enthusiast, distance runner and marketing professional, I founded Raw Energy in 2013 to help people regain control of their personal health through education, food awareness and physical activity.
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How Detox Your World Changed Mine

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Over a decade ago now, I stumbled upon a book that opened my eyes. It was called ‘Detox Your World’, by Shazzie. By the end, I felt like my body was swimming in chemicals and poisons gathered from the processed foods I was eating, the

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Kale, Spinach and Wild Rocket Smoothie – an amazing recipe!

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An all- kale smoothie could take a bit of getting used to as it's an acquired taste, so I have been experimenting with my blender, to find something really tasty and very green. The thing with experimenting is that you need to have a few

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Did you know there’s a home DNA Testing kit for your health?

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If you're a regular blog reader or subscriber, you will know that Team Raw Energy has been healthily obsessed with tracking and measuring lately - whether it's blood analysis,  projects, or my daily run.  So I was delighted to discover the company 23andMe which is

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3 Quick Insights So You Can Develop More Healthy Habits

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Having completed the 30 day RBI Living Well Challenge myself, which  have been covered in previous articles, (see the end of this post), I wanted to share 3 quick insights for more healthy habits, just like the ones I send directly to my subscribers. 1.

Why you should track your health like a business tracks success

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Have you ever through about tracking your health data, just like your company tracks it's business, to measure success? Businesses routinely collect all sorts of numbers, because numbers tell a story. By measuring activities and outcomes in businesses, we can understand the drivers of business

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20 Things I learned at the RBI Corporate Living Well Experience

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In June 2016, we ran the fourth RBI Corporate Living Well Experience, a 3 day event designed to inspire and empower RBI’s employees to build their own, personal toolkits to help them reduce risk by helping their bodies be more resilient.  It took place on

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Five Key Life Lessons From Running

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As many of you know, running is a major passion of mine.  As well as providing the obvious physical and mental wellbeing benefits, running for me is a metaphor for life. A run is a journey. A microcosm of an individual life’s adventure. A few

Ayurvedic Treatment: a first hand experience

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Have you heard of Ayurvedic treatment? It's also known as Ayurveda - and has its origins in India. I've just come back from a trip and while I was there I had first hand experience of this approach to health and wellbeing, and really wanted

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