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Hi, I’m Lawrence (Larry) Mitchell and Welcome to Raw Energy.As a life and wellbeing coach, raw foods enthusiast, distance runner and marketing professional, I founded Raw Energy in 2013 to help people regain control of their personal health through education, food awareness and physical activity.

How to cope with change: 8 lessons from disrupting my life

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‘Are there any shops nearby?’ I asked Gupta, the friendly receptionist at the Ayurveda retreat where I was staying, in the heart of Kerala, in the South West corner of India.   ‘About 20 minutes away. Let me ask

Digital Detox Challenge!

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"Don't become a slave to technology. Manage your phone.  Don't let it manage you." - Richard Branson I intimately recall the moment it happened. I had just got off an Eastbound

Don’t be a slave to technology

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Don't be a slave to technology

Turmeric and Ginger Tea Recipe

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Turmeric, a relative of ginger, is a lovely golden yellow root, commonly ground into a spice . It has been used in cooking and medically in India and Southeast Asia for several thousands of years.  Today, though, it has become very popular with

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Kombucha – a glass a day keeps the doctor away

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I remember the time I first tasted Kombucha. It was February 2010 at David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference in Los Angeles. A friendly chap in the exhibition area working for a health food brand offered me a glass. I can’t

Lawrence Mitchell Wins Prestigious CIPD Award

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  Lawrence Mitchell (as Wellbeing Champion at Reed Business Information) wins prestigious CIPD Award for "Best Health & Wellbeing Initiative" for his brainchild "The RBI Living Well Programme". The CIPD People Management Awards are the most prestigious Awards in the profession.

How to build a corporate wellbeing philosophy and programme

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  • fast for a day get raw energy

How Detox Your World Changed Mine Part II


Over a decade ago now, I stumbled upon a book that opened my eyes. It was called ‘Detox Your World’, by Shazzie. By the end, I felt like my body was swimming in chemicals and poisons gathered from the processed foods I was eating, the

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