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Yoga for Mental Health

'You're just in time for the Essentials Yoga Class', said Sally, the friendly receptionist at the Body Mind Life Institute in Sydney's Surry Hills. 'But hurry, the class is about to begin.' With those words, I had to make a decision. I was tired after

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Five Key Life Lessons From Running

As many of you know, running is a major passion of mine.  As well as providing the obvious physical and mental wellbeing benefits, running for me is a metaphor for life. A run is a journey. A microcosm of an individual life’s adventure. A few

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The 6 simplest hacks to increase your energy, fitness and focus

Let’s face it - work is stressful, and you are constantly looking for a way to increase your energy fitness and focus. It can be exhausting just thinking about it. But don’t sit back in that comfy chair just yet - because now we’re being

5 Ways To Help You Love Running

People often tell me that they hate running, or they can’t run, or they can’t run for very long, so I've decided to share an article I penned, which  was first published by Men's Running Magazine.  I hope it will inspire you to get outside.

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Don’t Let This Happen To You – Eat Well To Live Long

Here's a powerful, if upsetting, video that highlights the importance of having healthy eating habits incorporated into your life. These habits start from childhood - and you can positively (or negatively) influence your children too as this video shows. So don't let this happen to

Move Your Body to Reduce Stress

‘To deal with stress effectively, you need to feel robust and you need to feel strong mentally. Exercise does that.’ - Professor Cooper   What do I mean by move your body to reduce stress? Whilst what we put into our bodies is really important

How To Energise Your Workplace

Workplace Wellbeing programmes are becoming a lot more popular in the UK, driven by a desire by many employers to create a healthy workplace environment where their staff can do their best work and contribute to the success of the business; and there's plenty of data coming out

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Problems? Make A Run for It!

Next time you need to sort out any 'life problems' - instead of hiding, you could always make a run for it!  “Running away never solved anything” goes the saying - but what if it did? What if you made a run for it? What

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