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Next time you need to sort out any ‘life problems’ – instead of hiding, you could always make a run for it!

 “Running away never solved anything” goes the saying – but what if it did? What if you made a run for it? What if running before or after work, round the block, a 5K or a long distance race actually helped to solve your problems?

Having run 1000s of miles over many years now, this is exactly what I have and continue to experience when I run. Though physical fitness was top of my agenda when I started running, today, psychological wellbeing features more highly!

We all know that running can help us keep fit and in shape, but running as a help for stress management is less documented. Here’s a short post I wrote for Men’s Running Magazine, Running: The Perfect Stress Manager highlighted the emotional benefits that running as a form of physical activity can bring you.


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So maybe the next time you have a problem to solve – you will also make a run for it!


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