When you change the way you look at things

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How food affects our mental health

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SumoSalad's resident nutritionist Ashleigh James gives her tips on healthy eating and wellbeing  You might not be surprised to hear unhealthy dietary habits are a major contributor to many common chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. You might however, be surprised to learn

How to cope with change: 8 lessons from disrupting my life

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‘Are there any shops nearby?’ I asked Gupta, the friendly receptionist at the Ayurveda retreat where I was staying, in the heart of Kerala, in the South West corner of India.   ‘About 20 minutes away. Let me ask

Don’t be a slave to technology

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Don't be a slave to technology

Why you should track your health like a business tracks success

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Have you ever through about tracking your health data, just like your company tracks it's business, to measure success? Businesses routinely collect all sorts of numbers, because numbers tell a story. By measuring activities and outcomes in businesses, we can understand the drivers of business

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5 Tips to build your resilience and increase performance at work

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Susanna rubbed her eyes, and glanced at the clock on her computer. It was 6.30pm. She’d been in meetings most of the day, and still had to finish off a presentation to update her team first thing tomorrow morning. ‘Why, oh why, do I always

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20 Things I learned at the RBI Corporate Living Well Experience

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In June 2016, we ran the fourth RBI Corporate Living Well Experience, a 3 day event designed to inspire and empower RBI’s employees to build their own, personal toolkits to help them reduce risk by helping their bodies be more resilient.  It took place on


The 6 simplest hacks to increase your energy, fitness and focus

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Let’s face it - work is stressful, and you are constantly looking for a way to increase your energy fitness and focus. It can be exhausting just thinking about it. But don’t sit back in that comfy chair just yet - because now we’re being

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