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I woke up this morning feeling heavy. Heavy in my head with the events of yesterday rolling around my mind. The conversations, the questions, the choices. I was out of EQUILIBRIUM. The details of what threw me out of balance aren’t important, we all have different triggers. What’s important are the steps I took to get myself back into a state of EQUILIBRIUM. In this state of mild stress, I opened the fridge door and glanced inside. To my delight, there sitting on the top shelf was a very green smoothie bowl looking back at me. I’d overestimated the ingredients the day before and had forgotten that I’d put one in the fridge!

I took out the bowl,  walked out onto the veranda and sat in my favourite chair, one that has seen better days. Sitting there with the sun’s winter warmth touching my face, I began to eat the green smoothie bowl. What can I say!  Green smoothies are not everyone’s choice, but for me, in a state of mild stress, with every spoonful, I felt the life force of the blended greens and fruits fill the cells of my body with vibrant energy, helping me shift from a state of ‘fight or flight’ to one of EQUILIBRIUM.

There’s so much in this world that’s out of our control. But one thing we can control is what we put into our body. As I always say, if you upgrade that daily choice, you upgrade your energy, and you upgrade your life.

Food is a very personal choice and there are so many emotions and judgements tied up in our food choices. But whatever your beliefs around food, it’s hard to disagree that food is a life-force energy, without which, we wouldn’t survive. By eating high vibe foods, we transfer that vibe into our bodies and experience a surge of positive energy. This is exactly what I experienced this morning. A real deep connection with the food I was eating.

If you’re interested in re-creating my Green Smoothie Bowl recipe, you’re in luck as I actually wrote down the details for once…you can find it here

It’s interesting, isn’t it, how something that’s so integrated into our lives and critical to our survival has become a source of anxiety and stress for so many people. Deciding what to eat every day, for many, is shrouded in confusion and worry. In my work as a health coach, I have worked with so many people who diligently weigh their food and count calories in the hope to lose lbs, only to regain it all after relaxing their tight rules. Studies show that 95% of calories restrictive diets do not work over a five year period. By working with people one to one, we gradually help people to unlearn some of the damaging things that our culture has taught us about food in order to reconnect with our senses and set ourselves free. 

In truth, food is a personal experience and no one nutritional theory works for everyone. How can it? We are all different, with different biologies, different genetics and different lifestyles. What works for me, won’t necessarily work for you. This personalised approach to nutrition and lifestyle has been practised for 1000s of years as part of Chinese Medicine and the Ayurvedic system which is gradually returning in popularity.

The pandemic period and the lockdown has been devastating on so many levels. But as a wise man once told me, where’s there’s dark, there has to be light, and one of the real beneficial bi-products from the pandemic that I have seen is an increase in home-cooking, an increase in growing our own vegetables and an increase in connecting more deeply to the food we eat. Long may it last!