Electrolyte Lemonade Recipe – for faster post exercise recovery

Inspired by the good weather, this summer, Lisa at Team Raw Energy has increased her levels of exercise, upping from her few regular yoga classes a week, to 5/7 days running @5K in the forest, and 4-6 hot yoga classes! All of this activity, started to make her feel physically and mentally fatigued in the afternoons with a thirst that could not be quenched with just water, and so started to research a solution.

She wanted faster post exercise recovery – more ‘raw energy’! And her nutritionist advised her to take electrolytes. Within just one week, no longer was she nodding off at her laptop nor did she have such a thirst.

What are electrolytes and why should you want to take them for post exercise recovery and rehydration?

Electrolytes are minerals (mostly magnesium, potassium, chloride and sodium) which break into small, electrically charged particles when dissolved in water. They are usually odourless, taste salty in a good way, and you can buy them in tasteless drops (our choice), (check out http://eletewater.com) and there are loads on the market with or without added sugar or you could try the electrolyte lemonade recipe below when you want extra zing!

Imagine if first thing in the day, you have gone for a run, or a hot yoga class, a cycle ride or played a game of tennis. You would have sweated a great deal. Chances are that you will will be drinking some water but it might go right through you and later in the day you could start to feel fatigued, start craving coffee, or sugar or carbs because your muscles and your mind are tired from the exertion.

On the whole, napping at your desk isn’t acceptable , and you know that you should reduce your caffeine so electrolytes could be for you..

How do electrolytes work for post exercise recovery?

The ions are charges and regulate your body fluid absorption.  Adding electrolytes in drops or granules to your drinks will help your body to make the most of the water you’re taking in, reducing the feelings of tiredness and fatigue. They should get you through that long afternoon meeting, and see you right through to the evening social.

Electrolytes reduce the risk of muscle cramp and can enhance mental focus. So whether you need to get through a long day after exercise, or have the energy at the end of the day to cycle, run or play sports, make the addition of electrolytes a healthy habit to foster.

Lisa found that after longer runs the water and drops just wasn’t tasty enough, and she remembered a recipe that Lawrence, Get Raw Energy creator, had put on the blog a while ago. It’s tangy, filling and cuts through the dehydration.

After a few tweaks, Lisa’s now adapted that recipe from the much loved David Jubb, in LifeFood Recipe Book: Living on Life Force to a more modern version just for 1.

Why not try this lemonade, or have the drops in your sports bag or at work, to help focus your attention to sustain a consistent work output?

Luke O’Shea

The aim is to get a long glass of electrolyte lemonade perfect for one, quick and easy. Lisa likes a thick smoothie consistency so didn’t blitz for long, and only used 200ml water (just under 1/4 pint). She also wanted it to fit in a glass the size she can drink comfortably. (It’s all about efficiency). So play around with the water to get yours just right. Also start off with a little salt (watch the blood pressure!) till you get your perfect blend.

Electrolyte Lemonade


  • 1  large lemon peeled with a veggie peeler leaving the pith on
  • 3 tbsp neutral tasting olive oil (you can use coconut but in the UK it’s solid!)
  • ½  unpeeled pear (top and tail and inners cut out, just leave the flesh
  • ⅛ to ¼ tsp Himalayan or natural sea salt (use fine, the larger granules don’t mix so well, change to your taste)
  • 250ml -500ml (¼- ½ pint approx, add more water to get the consistency you like)  of the best water in your house
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup or agave (runny honey is OK in an emergency but it doesn’t mix so well)


  • Cut the lemon in 4 and give it a big blitz first. It was fine in a Nutribullet blender.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients. A few cubes of ice also makes it more palatable as it cools to a drinkable temperature, slightly cooler is more refreshing.

Lemons zestfully cutting through a dry mouth and  the balance of oil and salt act together to enable the water that you will drink to be more fully absorbed by your body.