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9 Takeaways from the 2018 Wellness Summit

I remember the moment really well. It was February 2006, and I was at a big personal development event in London’s Excel Exhibition Centre. I was walking through the concourse when a smiley teenager handed me a single-sided leaflet. On it was a picture of a beaming chap wearing a

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Create a Revolution in your Kitchen: 4 Superfoods you can easily create at home

The Raw Food Pyramid - Colourful & Healthful Back in 2012, we moved to a really lovely house in Surrey, South West of London. At the very bottom of our new home’s garden, was a little section of wilderness. We had a vision

Macrobiotic Diet Food Pyramid – what you need to know

Thanks to I first came across the Macrobiotic diet when a friend's father was suffering from cancer some years ago now. It sounded extremely restrictive and from that point, I always associated the diet and lifestyle  with brown rice and cancer sufferers. It

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The Good, Better, Best Approach To Eating Real Food |

I was at an industry event yesterday morning when the topic of infographics came up. Whilst some people love them, others are not such fans...personally, they work for me as they help simplify complex information to support a decision. So, on this very topic, I

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The honest food guide – the road to health

  If you're a visual person and would like a simple illustration of what foods and drinks are likely to lead to disease and which could take you on the road to health, I love the honest food guide below. I have a big laminated

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Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

I have a pretty hectic life, but most days my breakfast consists of a glass of fresh juice and some berries. Sometimes I may be so busy, that I don’t actually get a chance to have lunch at all.. which in practice means, that a

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The Five Food Felons

I caught-up with a good friend of mine the other day - a guy who is super busy and just does not have the time to work out what he should and shouldn't eat. He asked me what he should avoid - I think Michael

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The Shape of Things to Come

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