Move Your Body to Reduce Stress

β€˜To deal with stress effectively, you need to feel robust and you need to feel strong mentally. Exercise does that.’ - Professor Cooper   What do I mean by move your body to reduce stress? Whilst what we put into our bodies is really important

Being Inactive Kills More People Than Smoking

Being inactive kills more people than smoking, and there's research to back it up. "..... physical inactivity is killing us. Everyone knows too much booze or tobacco is bad for you, but if physical inactivity was packaged and sold as a product, it would need

Activity Bursts Everywhere-2014

Here's a useful resource to help you integrate movement into your daily routine. Sometimes it can be difficult to make time to go to the gym or do exercise outside, so the solution is building in some functional exercise into our daily lives, particularly when

Making exercise fun

I was in Brighton last week, attending the D'Construct Conference, a colourful event full of a collection of different people with different backgrounds, brought together to discuss technology, design and lifestyle. It was a good event and I encourage you to look out for the


Walking to health in 6 steps

  'Walking makes us healthier, it enhances cognitive performance, from creativity to planning and scheduling, and it helps us to connect with our environment, ourselves and those around us.' Arianna Huffington I spent most of Friday morning walking from Chelsea to Sutton. To be clear,


The Triathlon Show 2014 Review

It was the Triathlon Show this weekend at Sandown Park in Esher (UK) and I went along to run in the 10k race and find out what new innovations were being launched to the marketplace. I'm a keen runner and have done many races in

Outside Fitness Fundamentals

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCnBwIs0Y0c&feature=player_detailpage Merrell and Tim Ferriss, Author of "The 4 Hour Work Week" team up to bring you four fundamentals to outdoor fitness that will engage every muscle and enhance your outdoor experience.

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How to Make Exercise a Habit – Tips

I love exercising - in fact if I go for more than one or two days without doing something which gets my heart pumping, I just don't feel great about myself. But it wasn't always this way. To tell truth, I wasn't one of the

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