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Yoga for Mental Health

'You're just in time for the Essentials Yoga Class', said Sally, the friendly receptionist at the Body Mind Life Institute in Sydney's Surry Hills. 'But hurry, the class is about to begin.' With those words, I had to make a decision. I was tired after

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  • Lawrence Mitchell on Thrive Global

Fuelling Innovation & Business Growth by Focussing on Workplace Wellbeing

This is the first guest post Lawrence wrote for Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington's health & wellbeing website, which is based on people gaining extraordinary health inside the workplace, attaining wellness and avoiding the stress and burnout that often comes with working in an organisation. In this post, Lawrence shares his story on how he came to be passionate about wellbeing in the workplace, and how he developed a nationally-receognised award-winning health & wellbeing initiative in his organisation of 3,000 employees, in just 2 years.

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How to cope with change: 8 lessons from disrupting my life

‘Are there any shops nearby?’ I asked Gupta, the friendly receptionist at the Ayurveda retreat where I was staying, in the heart of Kerala, in the South West corner of India.   ‘About 20 minutes away. Let me ask

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3 Tips To Beat Stress At Home

Ideally, home will be a place that you can retreat to, to calm, to enjoy family time and relax. However, levels of stress at home are on the rise. Often the stress at home is caused by more everyday things. Losing keys; a fault with


6 Reasons Stress Levels Are Driving Us N.U.T.S

A number of studies have tried to uncover what’s driving our collective stress levels up. Some of these are macro, where we have little control, such as the global economy, the outbreak of infectious diseases, political uncertainty and terrorism, all of which are endlessly reported

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3 Ways To Boost Your Resilience With Laughter

'You may not be able to change the situation that caused you stress, but you can change your reactions. Looking for the silver lining, seeing humour in your predicament, or regarding the situation as a test of your faith are all ways that you can

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