THE RAW ENERGY SHOW EPISODE 9 – “Getting Things Done”


Hey, how are you today? I hope all is well in your world. I’m Lawrence Mitchell, I’m CEO of Raw Energy and today is another beautiful day here in Sydney as you can see and I’m heading back after a few days off. Last week was a pretty intense week for me, we had a huge presentation for one of the big grocery retailers on Wednesday and it dominated the first part of the week, took up a huge amount of energy in terms of prep and then the second half of the week was pretty much spent recovering and replenishing that energy.

There are three big lessons that I got that I wanted to share with you. The first big lesson was start before you’re ready. We were just not ready for this big presentation but the date wasn’t movable so we had to make things happen and we made it happen, it all came together. The reason it all came together was because we had a great team. It’s not just about you, it’s about the team and the better you can work with other people and collaborate with other people the quicker you’ll be able to deliver activities and the quicker you’ll be able to gain results. In our current digital economy that’s possible, you can work with people all around the world which is amazing. You can collaborate with people in South Africa, in India, in Australia, in the UK, in the US. It really doesn’t matter, you’re connected together by the internet so make the most of the opportunity. I certainly do and it’s enabled me to do everything that I’ve done.

The second big lesson is you’re never going to be ready so accept that. So never going to be completely ready but go into it and recognize that the biggest learning comes from doing. By actually doing an activity by going through the entire process it actually helps you be confident, it helps you capture the learning, it helps you reflect so that the next time you do a similar activity you’ll be able to integrate that learning, you’ll be able to refine and you’ll be able to improve.

Unwinding on a boat

The third big lesson is to make sure you build in time to recover. I was absolutely exhausted by the end of Wednesday. We had worked a lot of hours pulling this presentation together and it was brilliant when it was done and it was fantastic working as part of a really high performing team that were all focused on delivering the same goal and I love that and I’ve been very fortunate in my life and my career to have many occasions where I’ve been part of these amazing high energy teams.

Once the opportunity, once the event, once the activity has actually happened you need to take time to recover because otherwise, you’re at risk of burnout. I’ve never burnt out in my career, I’ve come pretty close many times but because I

recognize my body needs to get back in balance and I can tell the signs I’m able to take time to replenish, to nurture myself, to get back into a state of balance so make sure you don’t burn out because burnt out people are not great for anything.

Have a wonderful day, have a great evening, have a great afternoon and I’ll see you next time.