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Five Foods To Boost Resilience and Reduce Stress

‘Stress Is The Number One Epidemic Of Our Time, Directly Or Indirectly Responsible For Cardio Problems And Inflammation’ Deepak Chopra Living in the 21st Century is super exciting on the one-hand, but very challenging on the other. It is exciting as the pace of change,

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Success without Stress – Life is hard

Success without Stress When I hear somebody sigh ‘Life Is Hard’ I am always tempted to ask ‘Compared to What? - Sydney Harris What a great sense of humour Sydney Harris, American journalist has. When you re-read this quote what do you think? Life is

What Could You Do With 131 Million Days?

In 2013, 131 million days were lost to sickness in the UK, and the largest proportion of these were due to stress-related illnesses. That’s a scary number which in practice equates to an average of 4 sick days for every employee in the UK. When

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Success Without Stress – Yesterday is gone

Success without Stress Yesterday Is Gone. Tomorrow Has Not Yet Come. We Only Have Today. Let Us Begin. - Mother Teresa If you read spiritual and personal development texts, the notion of staying in the present moment is a key principle for inner strength, energy

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Success without Stress – He who smiles

Success without Stress He Who Smiles Rather Than Rages Is Always The Stronger - Japanese Wisdom I wonder if you have ever stopped yourself from losing your temper, taken a step back, and have been able to look at the situation that caused the anger

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Success Without Stress – Happiness is not the absence of problems

Success without Stress Happiness Is Not The Absence Of Problems But The Ability To Deal With Them - Jackson Brown What a wonderful reminder from best selling author of ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book’, Jackson Brown. Problems will arise, especially if you are going after success

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Success Without Stress – Successful people are prepared to fail more

Success without Stress Successful People Are Prepared to Fail More - And They Are More Persistent Than Others  - Author Unknown Failure and persistence are two great attributes that not only should you adopt - but also consider how well they go together! As a

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Success Without Stress – Nothing baffles so much as calm composure

Success without Stress Nothing Baffles The Schemes Of Evil People So Much As Calm Composure Of Great Souls - Comte de Mirabeau Can you image the politican/historian considered to have started the French Revolution looking around him and thinking this? Well history repeats itself, don’t

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