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Success without Stress

He Who Smiles Rather Than Rages Is Always The Stronger – Japanese Wisdom

I wonder if you have ever stopped yourself from losing your temper, taken a step back, and have been able to look at the situation that caused the anger with a different viewpoint and calmed down? If you have, good for you – did you feel stronger, and more in control of the situation? If you haven’t then keeping a cool head when you could easily lose it could be something for you to contemplate.

Perhaps this message can simply plant the seed – so the next time you are in a challenging place, you can consider it to be an opportunity for learning, or could decide in the moment to take it less seriously.

The Japanese are renowned for their quiet strength and we could all take a lesson from their attitude. However – if you feel that you need a bit more strength to take you to the next part of your journey – here’s a great download.

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