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Rawish (but hot) Kale and Carrot Soup – perfect for winter

After a manic week, I'm suffering today with a really bad throat. I know from past experience that if I don't have a break, it'll turn into a chest infection and I'll miss all of the festivities planned for the week ahead. So, instead of

Top 5 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies + Recipes

When I first started drinking green juices and green smoothies over eight years ago, I felt very much on my own. Fast forward to today and more and more people are becoming aware, so much so, that when I was in NYC recently, I was

Sweet Red Pepper and Courgette Hummus

I saw Cherie Sorie and Dan Ladermann speak the other night in London. Cherie and her husband, Dan, run the Living Light Culinary Institute in Califorina and are also the authors of a number of books, the most recent being 'Raw Food for Dummies'. It

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Raw Apple Pie

If you love apple pie, like me, but you're also into eating raw foods, well you're going to love Mimi Kurk's 'raw apple pie'. Here's the recipe: 'For the Crust 1½ cups macadamia nuts, soaked for 2 hours 1/½ cups walnuts or pecans, soaked for

Banana Ice-cream Sandwiches (Vegan & Dairy-free!)

For all of you sweet toothers out there, I found this recipe by Jamie Schneider which uses some really great ingredients to produce a fantastic, non-dairy, natural 'ice-cream' 'What you'll need: 4 frozen bananas (peel your bananas before you freeze them!) 3/4 cup almonds 3/4

10 Free Raw Recipes

I'm not advocating raw food exclusively over other food choices, but for those people who are keen to integrate some raw foods into their diets, there are some absolutely fabulous gourmet raw dishes available. Many are available from a growing number of raw food restaurants

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Raw Chocolate Brittle Recipe

I made the most delcious raw chocolate brittle last night. It was a bit of an experiment, but has come out very well so I wanted to share the recipe with y0u - particularly all of the chocolate lovers out there. What you'll need: Raw

Strawberry Ice Dream Smoothie

We're experiencing a heat wave in the UK and with hot weather comes a desire for Icecream. My 6 year-old son, Samson, loves ice-cream and so my challenge was to source a recipe that passed the 'Samson' test and thanks to Karen Knowler, this one

Delicious Plant-Powered Recipes|
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