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Find your personal EQUILIBRIUM

Find your EQUILIBRIUM and set yourself FREE

Nature can’t be rushed, but everything gets done

Find EQUILIBRIUM across five pillars of life and achieve life-long freedom: money, mindset, time, relationships and purpose through The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Total Wellbeing Program.

You will discover the strategies, techniques and structures you need to successfully set yourself free in a sustainable way.

Having been passionate advocates for promoting and enabling Total Wellbeing for a long time, we’ve learnt that it is possible to:

a. Do work that aligns with your purpose

b. Make good money 

c. Work for joy, rather than necessity so that you can experience Time Freedom

Set Yourself Up For Success With The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Masterclass Series

Finding EQUILIBRIUM is a personal journey for each and every one of us. We created Finding EQUILIBRIUM to give you the knowledge, skills and practical tools to build resilience and Find EQUILIBRIUM across five dimensions of your life:

  • Physical (your body),
  • Mindset & emotional wellbeing (your thoughts & feelings),
  • Connection (your purpose, your relationships),
  • Financial (your money)
  • Time, the most precious source of energy there is as it’s finite! 

We’ve spend 25 years researching, experimenting and integrating to help you be the best version of you today. We can’t change the past, the future may not happen, but what we can influence is the now.

You will discover the knowledge, skills & tools to Find EQUILIBRIUM, and:

  • Feel whole & energised

  • Tackle overwhelm, fear & anxiety head-on

  • Find more meaning in life

  • Cope with change & uncertainty

  • Build a personal EQUILIBRIUM toolkit

  • Experience real freedom


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8 x 5-minute daily micro inspirational sessions

8 x 10 minute daily guided meditations

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8 x 50-minute daily masterclasses

8 x 10-minute daily meditations

1 x 45-minute live group coaching and meditation session, followed by a Q&A

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A starter pack

A Finding EQUILIBRIUM Workbook

Access to all 8 daily 50-minute masterclasses


8 guided daily meditations

60-minute group coaching plus meditation, followed by a Q&A

30-minute one2one coaching with Lawrence or Chibs

30 Templates and Tools to fastrack your success

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The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Programme


Have you ever felt a sense of wonder at the way a seed planted in the ground transforms into a shoot? Or how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. This is nature at play, a perfect ecosystem that works to support life. 

Transformation is part of life,  and the surest thing about life is that it will change and we will transform. People, animals, plants, businesses are all forms of life.

As we journey through the ups and downs of life, we need to develop the skills and tools to remain in a state of EQUILIBRIUM, whatever the external context. 

Finding EQUILIBRIUM: the Path to Total Wellbeing has been designed to support you on your own, individual journey so that you can recognise when out of balance and leverage your toolset to Find EQUILIBRIUM – a magical state of flow.

Knowledge is Power
We have created six,  2 hour master classes to give you the knowledge, skills and practices to help you find your EQUILIBRIUM:
  • Masterclass 1: From Fight and Flight to EQUILIBRIUM: Winning Mindset 
  • Masterclass 2. Make friends with your Gut Micro biome: Physical Wellbeing
  • Masterclass 3: Connection to others, the natural world and yourself
  • Masterclass 4: The four keys to Financial Wellbeing
  • Masterclass 5. Making Time count 
In addition to the education, you will become a member of the Finding EQUILIBRIUM community and gain access to our international team of highly trained experts who will support you on your Freedom journey. This community comprises 100s of people who are available for networking, advice, friendship, collaborations and partnership. We become like the people we associate with and these people will support you to Find your EQUILIBRIUM. 


  • 5, 45 minute masterclass – value: $1k
  • 7 Day Mindset Challenge to get you started – $50
  • Mindset Toolkit to help you reframe the way you look at things – $50
  • 10 expert interviews (audio and video) – $50
  • 10 expert articles on ways to upgrade your habits and create a balanced and winning lifestyle – value: $300
  • Bonus ebooks, guides and offers – $300



  • Whole life system, covers 5 dimensions of life that are interconnected
  • Press Pause on life and RESET
  • Draw a line under the past 
  • Take stock of the now
  • Create an energising  life vision
  • Build your foundational toolset
  • Get support to keep moving forward
  • Learn to navigate the obstacles
  • Enjoy the journey!

Where to now?

I am so grateful that you’re considering making an investment in Finding EQUILIBRIUM to support yourself in these uncertain times.

To find out if we’re right for you, I invite you to complete the short form below and one of our team will be in touch to book an introductory meeting.


    No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

    moneyback_guaranteeOrder Finding EQUILIBRIUM  and get instant access to these information-packed presentations.

    And, just say the word if you’re not fully satisfied – for any reason – within the first 20 days, and we’ll personally refund every penny you invested in your package. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Fair enough?

    We’re so convinced that you’ll love your package and want to keep it that we’re thrilled to offer this 20-day money-back guarantee just to prove it to you. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.  Just email for your full refund.

    Personal Wellbeing And Equilibrium


    There comes a point in your life when you suddenly see things quite clearly.  The past,

    • The power of gratitude

    Play the Gratitude Game

    What are you grateful for? Play the Gratitude Game to find out Gratitude has healing power.  For 7 days, keep