Over a decade ago now, I stumbled upon a book that opened my eyes. It was called ‘Detox Your World’, by Shazzie.

By the end, I felt like my body was swimming in chemicals and poisons gathered from the processed foods I was eating, the water I was drinking, the mobile phone I was using. I realised that I even had substances in my mouth from dental work that could have been poisioning me.

I remember feeling anxious about the health risks I had exposed myself to, completely unaware of the risks they posed! So, with knowledge came power and I decided to take steps to detox my world, and introduce a more systematic approach of cleansing and detoxing my body to reduce the health and performance risks an overexposure to toxins can post.

I took the approach that it’s better to do more things right, than everything right as it can be overwhelming,  so here is part  II on my methods of how to detox your world, based on this philosophy. (You can read part I here)

10 years down the line, here are some of the detox your world strategies that I still adopt today which have detoxed my world and changed it for the better.

fast for a day get raw energy

Now you can do the same with these five suggestions – giving you more energy and increased performance:

  1. Remove amalgam fillings.

    An overload of mercury in the body can cause all kinds of health issues, and amalgam fillings is a significant contributor. If you’re concerned about mercury overload, you can find out what level of mercury you have in your body and then take decisive action to reduce it. We will be writing about mercury and fillings soon, so keep an eye out for our blogs and future newsletters.

  2. Protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation pollution.

    With the exception of my parents, virtually every person I know are pretty dependant on their smart phone, and with this dependency has come a dramatic increase in electromagnetic radiation pollution. To protect yourself, one option to consider is using a Bio Protective System such as the one I use.

  3. Brush your skin.

    18% of toxins leave your body through the skin, so helping them along by brushing your skin with a fine bristle brush after a shower, starting with the feet and gradually moving your way up your body is a good, daily habit to get into.

  4. Move your body.

    Exercise is good for us, we know that, but as well as leading to improvements in fitness and body shape, all of that sweating and panting speeds up the cleansing process too. According to health guru, Elwin Robinson, as much as 88% of toxins leave the body through the lungs and skin. So keep moving!

  5. Fast for a day every week.

    OK, if you’re still with me, this one may lead you to click away! Giving your body a break from eating can really help the body cleanse itself. I’m not suggesting that you head off to a retreat and live off pineapple juice for week, but just incorporate some simple intermittent fasting into your lifestyle. Missing breakfast for a day or two per week, for instance, or eating just fruit or a fruit smoothie until 3pm are examples of intermittent fasting in practice. Try it for one week and see how you go.

Finally, whatever you do, remember the goal is to do more things right, than everything right, so pick one new cleansing habit and do it consistently until it becomes a normal part of your life, you can then move on from there to create significant transformation.

Need some help to get started?
These days, particularly in the corporate world, we talk a lot about the importance of building your resilience, acknowledging that work and life is full of ups and downs and you need to be able to pick yourself up quickly after the ‘downs’.


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