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  • Fuelling greatness for Sumo

Fuelling greatness for SUMO means employee wellbeing at the heart of the brand

Healthy employees are happier, more productive, take fewer days off work, are more engaged with the company and brand and therefore more likely to consistently deliver great ‘on brand’ experiences.  Leading to greater business performance.We recently worked with Rachel Beven, to revitalise the Sumo brand, aligning corporate, customer and employer brands and reinstating wellness at the heart of the business.This work was featured in The Healthy Brand Company's blog.

  • Eating for the planet

Eating for the planet: why your daily choices make a big difference

Ever felt that the climate problem is too big an issue for you to contribute to? Well, one thing you can do on a daily basis that will add up to a big impact is the food choices you make. Simple swaps, like substituting a beef burger for a veggie burger can add up to big savings for the planet.

The Raw Energy Show, Episode 1: 3 Lessons Gleaned from my year in Australia

What a year! 12 months ago today, I had just arrived and landed in Sydney unsure of what the future held.  We'd pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone and headed to Australia for an adventure, and that's certainly what we've had! A year goes very quickly, but a lot happens in 12 months. I've learnt so much by living in a new country (Australia), working in a new industry (food/health/wellness) and learning new business models. It has been awesome...not a walk in the park for sure, but I am super grateful for your support during this big year of transition. Whatever you do in your life, the people around you always make the biggest difference. To celebrate my first 12 months in Australia, I have captured three of the bigger lessons I've learnt as part of the very first episode of The Raw Energy Show.  

How companies are creating places of work to solve 21st century business challenges

Lawrence Mitchell spoke at the Ikabo breakfast event aimed at leaders who want to improve workplace wellbeing.Lawrence spoke about his experience of creating at Reed Business Information a Living Well programme which increased employee engagement by 10%, reduced absenteeism by 40% and motivated 82% of the 3,0000 globally distributed employees to make changes to their personal health.Other speakers included Alex Lynch from Google Australia, Brett Fifield from NSW Department of Primary Industries, Cindy Lenferna de la Motte from Ikabo and Natalie Yan-Chatonsky from Full Time Lives.

  • Deep Pathway Through Forest

How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever!

I can’t believe that 2017 is almost over. It has been a whole year of "New's" for me: a new country, a new business, a new home, new friends, new connections, new experiences..... Certainly disruptive and painful getting to this point, but as I always say: 'On the other side of diversity is growth' And 2017 has been an amazing growth experience both for myself and for all of my family! The power of goals There's no doubt that a key reason why I am living in Sydney today, doing work that is completely aligned to my purpose and effectively 'living my dream' is because I learnt at a very early age about the power of goals.   I remember the day back in 1999, sitting at my desk, unsure of which path to take.  I was at the time

Don’t Eat That! Or Do… Food Myths Debunked

Considering that half the children across the world between the ages of 6 months and 5 years have a nutritional deficiency of some sort, it can be difficult to determine where the break in the nutrition chain occurs. When children from that age already struggle with their nutrition, it’s hard to imagine that this will be rectified as they get older. We live in a society today where those in developed countries are considered overfed and undernourished. Access to convenience is partly to blame and the other part is lack of information. To ensure we pack as much nutrition into our bodies as possible, it’s time to separate fact from fiction in the world of food.   Myth 1: Milk is a Vital Part of a Daily Diet For those who love to drink up a tall glass of milk to boost their calcium

Top tips to boost your energy whilst travelling