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Introducing InnerOrigin – Give Yourself the Gift of Wellness

RAW Energy’s purpose is to give people the gift of wellness through the power of knowledge and education. Such a big purpose can’t be achieved working alone, so we're increasingly collaborating with people and brands across the ‘wellness ecosystem’ who align with our values and our goals. I'm delighted to announce a new collaboration partner and my role as a Wellness Ambassador for InnerOrigin! Inner Origin is a wellness ecosystem, bringing together emerging and established wellness brands, advocates and customers to make it easy and accessible to find wellness products and services that you can trust. Wellness is now a mega trend and integrity can often be compromised when a sector is growing fast. As a health and wellness professional, I spend a lot of time unpicking claims to make sure that products and services, particularly food are authentic. That's why I love InnerOrigin as they do all of this hard

8 Insights from the Thriving Workplace Conference – 2018

It was 4 o’clock on a Sydney Winter Wednesday and I glanced at my to do list and thought ‘golly, how am I going to get to Manly from Surry Hills for 6’. I still had so much to do and as I grappled with the dilemma and considered my options, Chef Kim suddenly appeared, carrying an industrial-sized box of the most delicious-looking, fresh spinach and kale leaves. I suddenly remembered that Kim lives in Manly, so I rushed over to her desk and asked if I could hitch a lift.  Thirty minutes later, myself, Chef Kim and Chef Louise were in Kim's car bound for Manly’s Q-Station, the venue for this year’s Serenity Collective’s Thriving Workplace Conference where I stayed until the Friday afternoon. It was an awesome experience. Events are often judged by the quality of the speakers, the insights, the connections made, the venue, the food, with the true-value realised weeks, months and years after the

Energy Boosting Lunch Hacks

  Our very own Lawrence Mitchell was featured in Women's Health magazine this week! There, he gives 5 very useful tips on how to avoid that awful afternoon slump that seems to hit you like a ton of bricks around 2-3pm. You know the one? Where you can barely keep your eyes open, despite having a To Do list as long as the Amazon river! (years ago, I've been known to have a quick snooze at my computer whilst supposedly checking data... sssssh!) Anyway, that was a long time ago, and thankfully, having implemented many of the tips in this feature, I thankfully don't suffer from that any more! Check it out here.  

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The Raw Energy Show Episode 9 – “GETTING THINGS DONE”

THE RAW ENERGY SHOW EPISODE 9 - "Getting Things Done" Transcript: Hey, how are you today? I hope all is well in your world. I'm Lawrence Mitchell, I'm CEO of Raw Energy and today is another beautiful day here in Sydney as you can see and I'm heading back after a few days off. Last week was a pretty intense week for me, we had a huge presentation for one of the big grocery retailers on Wednesday and it dominated the first part of the week, took up a huge amount of energy in terms of prep and then the second half of the week was pretty much spent recovering and replenishing that energy. There are three big lessons that I got that I wanted to share with you. The first big lesson was start before you're ready. We were just not ready for this big

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The Raw Energy Show Episode 8 – “3 WAYS TO EAT MORE PLANTS”

3 WAYS TO EAT MORE PLANTS Transcript: Hey, how are you today? I hope all is well in your world. I'm Lawrence Mitchell, I'm CEO of Raw Energy, and today I want to answer a question I get asked a lot, and that's how do you add more plants to your diet? Many of the people I see as a health coach know that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is going to be good for health, and yet knowing and doing are two different things, and particularly if you're trying to feed a family. So what can you do? And here are three things that could really help. Certainly helped me and helped my family, helps a lot of the people that I work with. The first thing you can do is include a smoothie into your daily diet. Now, smoothies have got

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How Healthy Is Your Workplace Environment?

Modern workplaces are changing rapidly, driven by disruptive digital technology which has forced whole industries to transform their business models. Over the last decade, we have seen revolutions in media, music, retail, financial services, IT, travel, hospitality, food and drink. Every industry has and will continue to be affected. Successful transformation requires investment in new growth engines to drive future customer and shareholder value. Product innovation, technology, marketing, and sales are the key ingredients to fuel this business growth. But behind every excellent product, closed deal, marketing campaign, technology integration, M&A transaction and monthly P&L is an individual, and many of us are under mental and emotional stress, straining to keep up with this constant stream of change, extra responsibility and ever-growing targets. In Australia, 11 million people are employed in some capacity, but research shows that as many as 33% feel that they are living with extreme stress, be

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Create a Revolution in your Kitchen: 4 Superfoods you can easily create at home

The Raw Food Pyramid - Colourful & Healthful Back in 2012, we moved to a really lovely house in Surrey, South West of London. At the very bottom of our new home’s garden, was a little section of wilderness. We had a vision that one day we would convert it into a permaculture garden, creating an environment where we could essentially live off the land. It was a dream we had, and unfortunately, that dream didn’t come true! Why? Because in 2016 we moved to Sydney, Australia. That little piece of  wilderness remained.. Yes, we had made some progress on it by the time we moved, but nothing close to the permaculture vision we had envisioned. Ironically, when we swapped our large home and garden in the UK for an apartment in North Sydney, we started making full use of the much more limited space of our kitchen, making sure that we