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Wellbeing@Work Sydney 2018 – Highlights of the Day

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY ‘Kindness is contagious’ ‘Mental Health is different to mental illness’ ‘The workplace is the fifth leading cause of death’ ‘You can’t buy passion’ These are some of the soundbites from the first Wellbeing@Work Conference that took place last month in Sydney, and fortunately, the sun shone down on us all. We called it Wellbeing@Work, but it was really an event about people, about connections, about collaboration, about leadership and about creating positive and supportive workplace environments to enable people to be more engaged, more resilient and more resourceful. A huge thank you to our amazing crew who volunteered their time to help (all psychology Masters and PhD's from Macquarie University and UNSW); our fantastic speakers for sharing their insights and ideas; our sponsorship partners for sharing their solutions; our delegates for their support and attention; Doltone House for their

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9 Takeaways from the 2018 Wellness Summit

I remember the moment really well. It was February 2006, and I was at a big personal development event in London’s Excel Exhibition Centre. I was walking through the concourse when a smiley teenager handed me a single-sided leaflet. On it was a picture of a beaming chap wearing a chef’s hat and inviting me to his ‘Raw Food Party’ which promises of all kinds of health benefits: clearer skin, sharper mind, slimmer body, and greater energy. I was curious and so I went along. That Raw Food Party was the very first wellness event I’d attended. Back then, wellness wasn’t the mega trend that it is today. What I learned on that day triggered me to upgrade my diet significantly and become a 'nutty advocate' fighting for the rights of myself, my family, friends, and community to be well and free from physical, emotional and mental pain in which many people find themselves. Chronic illness

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Drinking Water Types: Is it Worth Buying Bottled Water?

'There are many things you can do to upgrade your health and wellbeing. One of the simplest things is to change the quality of your water' This was the simple and powerful message from Janet Parker, the co-founder of Zazen Water and one of the speakers and sponsors at the 2018 Wellness Summit in Melbourne.  Around 70% of your body is water, and the quality of that water is determined by the quality of the water you drink.  That means your peak performance can be maintained by good quality water. Janet’s underlying message is that not all water is equal. Understanding the importance of the quality of water wasn’t new to me.  Over the years, I have taken many actions to upgrade the quality of water that my family drink, including: drinking water sourced from vegetables - I juice a lot of greens every day including celery and cucumbers, which are full

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Introducing InnerOrigin – Give Yourself the Gift of Wellness

RAW Energy’s purpose is to give people the gift of wellness through the power of knowledge and education. Such a big purpose can’t be achieved working alone, so we're increasingly collaborating with people and brands across the ‘wellness ecosystem’ who align with our values and our goals. I'm delighted to announce a new collaboration partner and my role as a Wellness Ambassador for InnerOrigin! Inner Origin is a wellness ecosystem, bringing together emerging and established wellness brands, advocates and customers to make it easy and accessible to find wellness products and services that you can trust. Wellness is now a mega trend and integrity can often be compromised when a sector is growing fast. As a health and wellness professional, I spend a lot of time unpicking claims to make sure that products and services, particularly food are authentic. That's why I love InnerOrigin as they do all of this hard

8 Insights from the Thriving Workplace Conference – 2018

It was 4 o’clock on a Sydney Winter Wednesday and I glanced at my to do list and thought ‘golly, how am I going to get to Manly from Surry Hills for 6’. I still had so much to do and as I grappled with the dilemma and considered my options, Chef Kim suddenly appeared, carrying an industrial-sized box of the most delicious-looking, fresh spinach and kale leaves. I suddenly remembered that Kim lives in Manly, so I rushed over to her desk and asked if I could hitch a lift.  Thirty minutes later, myself, Chef Kim and Chef Louise were in Kim's car bound for Manly’s Q-Station, the venue for this year’s Serenity Collective’s Thriving Workplace Conference where I stayed until the Friday afternoon. It was an awesome experience. Events are often judged by the quality of the speakers, the insights, the connections made, the venue, the food, with the true-value realised weeks, months and years after the

Energy Boosting Lunch Hacks

  Our very own Lawrence Mitchell was featured in Women's Health magazine this week! There, he gives 5 very useful tips on how to avoid that awful afternoon slump that seems to hit you like a ton of bricks around 2-3pm. You know the one? Where you can barely keep your eyes open, despite having a To Do list as long as the Amazon river! (years ago, I've been known to have a quick snooze at my computer whilst supposedly checking data... sssssh!) Anyway, that was a long time ago, and thankfully, having implemented many of the tips in this feature, I thankfully don't suffer from that any more! Check it out here.  

  • The Raw Energy Show Episode 9 "Getting Things Done"

The Raw Energy Show Episode 9 – “GETTING THINGS DONE”

THE RAW ENERGY SHOW EPISODE 9 - "Getting Things Done" Transcript: Hey, how are you today? I hope all is well in your world. I'm Lawrence Mitchell, I'm CEO of Raw Energy and today is another beautiful day here in Sydney as you can see and I'm heading back after a few days off. Last week was a pretty intense week for me, we had a huge presentation for one of the big grocery retailers on Wednesday and it dominated the first part of the week, took up a huge amount of energy in terms of prep and then the second half of the week was pretty much spent recovering and replenishing that energy. There are three big lessons that I got that I wanted to share with you. The first big lesson was start before you're ready. We were just not ready for this big