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Living on plants – should we all become vegans?

As long as I can remember, I'd always had skin issues. It started when I was about five with red, itchy blotches on my legs, and then spread to my hands and face. My grandmother had suffered from psoriasis her whole life too, so I was just led to assume that this was hereditary, an unlucky card that I was served which meant that I had to apply steroid creams to keep it under control. By the time I was 20, the red patches on my hands looked pretty awful. I remember showing them to a pharmacist in a small chemist on the South Coast of the UK and the evident horror on his face too me back! A friend from university who was into nutrition at the time,  suggested that maybe I had an allergy to dairy. Being an open-minded kind of person, I thought i'd give it ago.

  • Lawrence Mitchell on Thrive Global

Increase Energy by Asking the Right Questions

This is Lawrence's second article published on Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global platform.   The focus of this post is to challenge you to think in a bigger way and to determine whether you are living to your highest values.  It is only when we doing that, that we increase energy, thrive and gain the motivation to succeed, often beyond our wildest dreams.

How to Improve your Morning Coffee

Freelance contribution by Jane Sandwood Coffee has a range of health benefits, including burning fat, improving concentration, reducing deterioration of the brain, providing essential nutrients and reducing the risk of type two diabetes. However, it can also become an unhealthy habit. Since coffee is such a versatile drink, the benefit you get from it depends on how it is consumed. Add the following ingredients to get the most energy from your morning brew. Salt When it comes to coffee, most people add milk and sugar to combat the bitterness. However, apart from the environmental costs and physical harm caused by the dairy industry, having spoonfuls of sugar each morning is not great for your health. When you most need energy, the sugar will cause you to crash. Long term consumption of sugar will leave you feeling generally more tired. Instead, you should add salt to your coffee. The

How to Cleanse & Detox Safely

How to  cleanse & detox properly and safely has been something I have dabbled with over the years.  My interest in detoxification really started when i read: 'Detox Your World' by Shazzie and learnt that you 'can't buy a detox', it's simply the process of the body getting rid of more toxins than it takes in. Toxins are everywhere - in the food we eat, the water we drink, in the air we breath, in the lotions we put on our skin, in our clothing, in household cleaning materials, technology devices and it's very easy to take in toxins, and you don't have to try very hard at all. The problem is that many people's bodies are likely to have taken in more toxins than they can remove. In practical terms, this means that the body is forced to store the excess toxins in your fat cells and bones,

  • Plant-Power

Vegan 101. 5 lessons from 12 years as a plant-powered enthusiast

I was reflecting today that it's 12 years since i first decided to stop eating animal products and become a plant-based enthusiast. In truth, it was a gradual process and pretty easy as I was never a big meat eater, had stopped eating dairy when I was 21 and so the final leap to veganism was perhaps easier than it could have been. Here are 6 lessons I have learnt over this long period that I wanted to share as I know many people are shifting their food choices to a more plant-based diet, driven by a desire for better personal health and environmental health. Research shows that Australia topped Google’s worldwide searches for the word ‘Vegan’ and we have seen membership of the private ‘Vegans in Australia’ Facebook group grown from 22k member to 53k in 2017. However, the data also shows that it can be hard to stick

  • Energy Soup

Dr Ann Wigmore’s Energy Soup Recipe

I'll be honest, for many people, Dr. Wigmore’s Energy Soup is a bit of an acquired taste. To put it another way, I've had guests who have spat it out with a look of horror on their face. Clearly this isn't the outcome you're looking for, so I'd recommend that you  refine the ingredients to get the taste you like. As I've been drinking green smoothies for years now, my taste has adapted and I can tolerate very bitter foods, no problem. For others who are more accustomized to sweeter foods, the bitter version might be too much to bear until your taste buds have adapted too.

  • Raw Energy Show, Episode 4

Raw Energy Show, Episode 4

Happy new year! It has been so wonderful having a couple of weeks off – exploring Sydney’s Central Coast, spending some amazing times with my family, catching-up on reading and planning 2018 which is always a big focus for me at this time of year. Whereas 2017 was the year of massive change, 2018 for me, is the year of focus, consistency and discipline. These words have kept coming up for me, so I decided to make ‘focus’ my ‘word of 2018’.