Happy new year! It has been so wonderful having a couple of weeks off – exploring Sydney’s Central Coast, spending some amazing times with my family, catching-up on reading and planning 2018 which is always a big focus for me at this time of year. Whereas 2017 was the year of massive change, 2018 for me, is the year of focus, consistency and discipline. These words have kept coming up for me, so I decided to make ‘focus’ my ‘word of 2018’.  Do you have a word for 2018? A single word that brings all of your ideas, strategies, projects, plans and activities together? What would it be?

In the spirit of New Year, this week’s Raw Energy Show focuses on getting started with a new healthy habit, or keeping going with one that you may have started and just got out of the habit of doing. New Year’s Resolutions have a pretty poor success rate: only 20% make it beyond the end of January. The trick with any change, is to get started of course, but also to make a commitment to stick with it for a period.

By the end of that period, you can always stop if you want to, or you may find that you actually enjoy the new habit and want to stick with it for longer. Either way, you decide. It’s your life and your choice.  I hope you enjoy the Show!