Vantra’s new Oxford Street Location

Well, we’re now two months through the year and by this point, only the committed are still sticking to their new year’s resolutions! Fortunately i am still in this group and I haven’t forgotten my goal and commitment at the start of the year:

‘I will personally eat at 20 different vegetation, vegan or raw restaurants around the world by December and write a review on my blog for you.’

Well yesterday, I managed to tick of a third restaurant whilst i was in Central London.

Situated almost right next to Tottenham Court Road station at the much less fashionable end of Oxford Street sits Vantra, a new agy, vegetarian restaurant that opened in November.

Vantra used to be based around the corner until that site was redeveloped

Inside Vantra – interesting shaped tables

So the restaurant itself has an eastern feel to it, with uneven shaped tables, light shades that look like folded-up paper and low flickering light that gives the place an evening feel anytime of day. The menu itself was a bit overwhelming at first. Too much choice. Lots of juices and smoothies and a system for ordering food that wasn’t immediately obvious.

Given that I stayed at a hotel last night in Cheltenham, I hadn’t had my daily green juice, so was despertate for one. I ordered a Green Rejuvenator, not everyone’s favourite I’m sure, but it had celery, kale, cucumber, ginger, mint…just what the doctor ordered.

My lunch – delicious

As it was lunch-time, they had a decent buffet with lots of raw, salady dishes, sprouts as well as dhal and some more Indian-style, hot dishes. The deal is that you can buy two different sized bowls and make your selection. I bought a large box and filled it up with mainly raw delights. I also spied their delicious-looking raw desserts and bought a couple of their cookies (which were a bit too sweet for my taste). I then bought a green smoothie which was a bit too much..

DO go if:

  1. You’re into juices and smoothies and super herbs, you’ll be spoilt for choice
  2. You are following a special diet (macrobiotic or raw for instance)–all of their dishes are free of animal products, added sugar, gluten, GMO and artificial chemicals
  3. You’re into hand prepared, nutrient rich, raw, vegan, organic food – their menu is full of small and large dishes
  4. You are into cooked vegan food, there’s plenty on the menu to keep you happy
  5. You have cash in your pocket (they only take cash)
  6. Above all, do come if you’re feeling depleted in terms of energy. All of the live nutrients that entered my blood gave me a massive boost
Vantra Menu

DON’T go if:
1. You’re into high fat, animal products (unless you’re doing a cleanse), you’ll be hungry
2. If you’re into processed sugar – all of the dishes are sugar-free
3. If you don’t have any cash – although there is a cash machine just across the street
4. If you don’t like crowds. The restaurant is in a busy, touristy, strip so gets a lot of footfall. I sat next to Americans on the one side and a Turkish family on the other…
5. If you’re on a strict budget. My meal came to £14 which is good for central London, but compares very unfavorably to salads in regional places

So overall, I’d give Vantra an 8/10. i’ll definitely return when i’m in Central London. It’s my kind of place.