Well, it’s been two451251343 weeks since the RBI Wellbeing Fair and, given that I spent most of the day in the conference stream, I wanted to share a few tips and quotes that came out of the sessions on topics such as: healthy eating, stress resilience, sleep and physical wellbeing.

Here are 20 tips that I noted down to help you boost your energy, strengthen your resilience and keep fit and well:

1. You wouldn’t run a marathon without taking in water – why wouldn’t you look after yourself during the workday? Many people eat lunch at their desks quickly and don’t take time to rest and recover. That’s fine on occasion, but if it’s a daily habit, it won’t serve you well in the long-term.

2. We need living buildings – open the windows if you can; bring in plants to boost the oxygen levels. Little things make the difference here.

3. Sitting is the new smoking according to Monica Parker. It’s certainly not healthy to be sitting down for 8 hours a day, as that’s not what we we were designed to do! Stand up and move around at least once an hour; you could even take the stairs and build in other functional exercises into your day.


4. Do something creative every day. According to research, you need 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to think through new ideas.

5. What do you need to thrive? A positive mindset, the right nourishment, movement and recovery will help!


6. ‘Manage your energy, not your time.’

7. in 1911, there were only 10 people over 100. By 2011, there were 13k. Longevitiy is bringing more challenges to the workplace as older workers need different types of support.

8. According to a recent survey of CEOs, resilience is the number one factor that influences doing well in modern business!

9. Poor relationships in the workplace is the “silent drain” on people. Makes sense.

10. “Data unlocks a conversation with yourself, moving you from thinking to knowing,” according to Simon Shephard, CEO of Optima Life.

11. There’s a big difference between being interested in health and happiness and being committed to health and happiness. Isn’t there just.

12. A single night of poor sleep can reduce creativity by 30%, according to Dr Guy Meadows, Founder of the Sleep School. Does that figure resonate with you?

13. You spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping, which is 36 years if you live up to 95!

14. Good daytime wellbeing impacts on good nighttime wellbeing.

15. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

16. Power naps have been shown to have a significant impact on performance.

17. One can of Coke contains almost 10 teaspoons of sugar!

18. Eat fresh, whole foods for performance. Studies show that people who switched to a wholefood diet (from a high sugar/card diet) in the workplace, full of lots of fruit and vegetables had an average of 64% more energy!

19. Replace fizzy drinks with water to help lose weight.

20. Prepare a super dooper smoothie every morning to boost your energy. You’ll find some great recipes here: https://getrawenergy.co/recipes/