When health is absent

Do you have days when you just wish you had more energy to deliver on your intentions for that day?

I certainly do and, over the years, have studied the inputs that lead to high energy and high performance. In truth, we’re all different, and what energises me, may not work for you at all. However, there are some common themes and I was interested to read Dr Libby Webster’s, one of Australasia’s leading nutritionist and weight loss, suggestions on how to increase energy naturally:

1. Do What You Love

Write a list of things you love … and do more of them. Some of us are out of touch with what makes us feel good, and the things that also serve our health. So write a list of all of the things/moments/ experiences that you know light you up and bring more of those moments into your life this year. When you are happy, you are in a much better position to help others and you will inspire people to do more of what makes them happy as well.

2. Fill Your Body With Nutritious Food

Many people aren’t good at eating less of foods that don’t serve them. Instead, focus on eating more… more Real Food! By default, you’ll not only consume more nutrients – and those are nutrients that keep us alive – but you’ll also eat less processed and packaged food, avoiding some of the ingredients they contain that can take away from your health. Real/whole foods contain not only nutrients but enzymes, necessary for every chemical process in the body. Look at decreasing your reliance on packet or tinned foods and whenever you can look at making alternatives yourself. A simple and easy dressing or homemade tomato sauce will be far more nourishing than their store-bought counterparts and eating real food will give you the energy you need to feel your best all the time.

3. Let Your Kind Heart Shout From The Rooftops

Have you ever been completely taken with a stranger, someone who exudes kindness and grace? Be that person today. Always show more kindness, grace, patience and helpfulness than you think is necessary. You will make someone’s day and inspire them to do the same, creating a ripple effect of kindness that goes out to the world.

4. Focus On Health Not On Weight

While the intention is good, focusing on weight often means a focus on deprivation, which can’t be sustained and hence leading to poor long-term results. Instead, focus on your health and approach weight loss with more health-specific results in mind. For example, set goals around increased energy or feeling happier. That way, losing weight will be an added bonus rather than the driving force and you will make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

5. Breathing

If there is one simple thing that you can do for your health each day, it is to take 5 minutes to focus on your breath. Diaphragmatic breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows our bodies to go into rest and repair mode – essential for immune function, digestion, restful sleep and a great mood – as it communicates to every cell in your body that you are safe. We cannot access this part of our nervous system with our thoughts, only via how we breathe. It is amazing what our bodies can do with just a few minutes of calming, diaphragmatic breathing each day.

6. Spend Time In Nature

Nature can do wonderful things for the soul, making us feel nourished and restored. Take time out to find parts of the world where the environment has been undisturbed by human hands or simply soak up the majesty of the nature around you in any given moment. Notice the many wonders and forces of nature. It can be incredibly empowering and inspirational and can help us understand that we are never alone and are part of a collective.

7. Gratitude

Sometimes it can take a new perspective to change how we feel. Consider the following sentiments as they can be a beautiful ways to remind ourselves that we are incredibly fortunate, even for the things that may frustrate us at times: “I am thankful for… the taxes I pay because that means I am employed, my shadow who watches me work because that means I am out in the sunshine, a lawn that has to be mowed, windows that have to be washed and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home, the spot I find at the far end of the car park because that means I am capable of walking, the lady behind me in line at the supermarket who sings off key because that means I can hear, the huge piles of washing and ironing because that means my loved ones are nearby, the alarm that goes off in the early morning because that means I am alive.”

8. Lymphatic Goodness – Get Moving

Your lymphatic system is a major component of your body’s immune system. Unlike blood, lymph does not have a heart to pump it around the body, and a great way to support the optimal function of the lymphatic system is to move. One of the best things you can do is get up and move first thing in the morning. Try using a skipping rope or even better bounce on a rebounder trampoline for 5 minutes. This will help your elimination pathways and support your immunity. At the same time it will wake you up and have you feeling great from the inside out.’

Did you find this article useful? What other methods have you discovered that help you feel more energetic? Let me know by leaving a comment below.