Sugar consumption – what are the facts?

How much sugar is enough? How much sugar is too much? Why is it the latest ‘no-no’? What are hidden sugars? Should I be cutting out sugar all together? What is the negative health impact on the body that has got every one talking? Is it just Coke and sodas that I should avoid?  How much sugar is in processed foods? Why does it make me fat?

Confused? I’m not surprised because sugar seems to be in everything!

Sugar consumption is a hot topic – particularly around weight loss. At last the media have picked up on what I have been saying for a long while – sugar makes you fat and has negative health effects. Cutting down on your sugar consumption will help your weight loss programme.

My nephew was over the other day and we were chatting about it.

You see, he’s on a bit of a health drive at the moment and was asking some great questions such as:

  • How much sugar should you consume?
  • Is Splenda good for you?
  • Is fructose healthy sugar?
  • What would happen if you went sugar free?
  • Does bread contain sugar?

Some really big questions here, about sugar consumption most of which are answered by Laura Thomas (below), a health coach who specialises in helping people reduce the amount of sugar they are consuming and understanding how it can help weight loss and improve wellbeing.

It’s a really great talk and to help reinforce Laura’s points, take a look at The Raw Energy sugar resources page which brings together all of the blog posts I have created on the topic of sugar over the last year. It also includes a short sugar quiz designed to help you discover what type of sugar-eater you are…

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