I mistakenly chose to walk to Cafe Gratitude from the Bay Bridge and it’s a LONG walk. So when I arrived, I was ready for some food.

The inital impressions are as you expect, a wholesome place with a big bar taking up half the space, with largen community-style tables mixed throughout. I walked in and was immediately greeted by a fat chap with a badana tied round his head. He wasn’t quite what I expected, but he was very friendly and sat me at a very nice large table opposite the bar.

The menu contained both raw and cooked foods, by I chose raw. I ordered a green juice and a burger and salad. The food arrived first – nothing to write home about if I’m honest. The salad was covered in that cheesy-type of dressing which reminded me of Juliana’s place in LA. The burger wasn’t huge, but was ok and the bun was another cheesy cracker. More alarmingly, my tummy started aching as I ate (and still is!). That might be because of the kale crisps I ate earlier…

I may get a dessert, we’ll see how I feel. Lawrence Mitchell