Having completed the 30 day RBI Living Well Challenge myself, which  have been covered in previous articles, (see the end of this post), I wanted to share 3 quick insights for more healthy habits, just like the ones I send directly to my subscribers.

1. Experiment

Think of every new initiative as an opportunity to learn. This mindset of ‘test & learn’ takes off the pressure as you can always stop, but build your confidence. The 30 Day challenge provided the perfect trigger to get involved and start to move. Starting is one of the hardest parts.

2. Get support

Perhaps you’re great at motivating yourself, without any external input. If that’s you, then congratulations. Many people, though, need the support of friends and colleagues to achieve their own personal goals, not only to get started, but to keep going when things become tough. The 2016 Living Well Challenge was therefore a team challenge which encouraged people to set up teams of 5 and work together to work towards a common goals.

3. Reward

Depending on your starting point, the journey to fitness may seem daunting, so break it down and have a finish line to head towards with an attractive reward at the end of it. As well as having the clear 30 day end point, RBI created three prizes for the teams to aim for. One for the team that moved the most, another for the team that made the biggest transformation and finally to encourage sharing of activities and results, a third prize was for the team that was most active on social media, particularly on the Living Well private Facebook Group.

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