If you’re the type of person who takes vitamin supplements on a regular basis as a type of insurance, you’re going to want to listen to my interview with Max Gotzler.

Max is the founder and CEO of Biotrakr which provides insight via personalised data to help us get a better understanding of what’s going on inside our bodies, and then take targeted action. I first met Max at the European Quantified Self Conference and was fascinated by his insights on vitamin D and how to measure and optimise your vitamin D levels for physical and mental energy and wellbeing.

In the interview, you’ll also hear:

  • Max’s story and the emergence of Biotrakr
  • How often you should do a blood test
  • The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency
  • The effects of optimal vitamin D
  • Natural and synthetic sources of vitamin D
  • Other biomarkers that can be easily tested by the Dry Spot method

Show notes

To find out more about Biotrakr

Three things that you can do to boost your vitamin D levels:

  1. Get more sun – 10 minutes of sunlight per day has been shown to make a very positive difference. But remember, too much sun can cause skin cancer, so it’s a balance
  2. Each oily fish such as mackerel
  3. Take a good quality supplement if you absolutely need to