Hello, how are you today? I hope all is well in your world. I’m Lawrence Mitchell, I’m CEO of Raw Energy and CCO of SumoSalad and today is for anybody who’s ever felt stuck or felt like they’re working on something and they’re just not going anywhere

It feels like the harder you work, the less you achieve. If that sounds familiar, then here are a few tips that can help you preserve your energy and not waste energy by just keep doing the same thing.

I’ve seen this so many times. So many times, people have just tried to solve problems themselves and really, a simple and quick conversation with someone who knows what they’re doing can save you days, weeks even, of worry and anxiety. And all of the energy that that takes up.

So, if you’re not clear what you’re doing and just in that “Let’s get it done” mode, then follow these three steps. First of all, stop. Because you’re not going to get anywhere, so just stop, take a step back.

Two, move out of that situation. Because if you’re sitting at your desk trying to solve a problem, you’re not going to do it. You need to change the context, you need to change the environment, you need to get a different perspective. That’s why I love running, because I see the world so different when I’m moving, when I’m in the outdoors and when I’m experiencing different things.

Third, find someone who has solved the problem that you have solved. In the digital world, everything is so connected, you don’t need to create things from scratch. Google is your friend. So, find someone who’s done exactly what you want to do. Type it into Google and you will find that best practice, you will find something that you can use, something that you can adapt, something you can obviously attribute. You don’t need to create everything from scratch, because most problems have been solved at some point.

And fourth, find someone to speak to, because just the act of articulating what’s in your head and bringing it to the outdoors makes a huge difference. So, don’t sit there stuck in your head. Solve the problem, release your energy and make things happen.

See you next time.