Where Are You Now?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been publishing a number of different posts outlining specific tips for weight loss. Today’s post is less of a tip, and more of a focus on the bigger picture as it’s so easy to try quick fix solutions that get you so far and then take you right back to the beginning…and further back in some cases. Fitness for Weight Loss published some useful statistics to help you see the bigger picture.

‘Americans spend billions of dollars on diets and gain back the weight they lose. More and more American adults are dieting each year, and weight loss industry revenue continues to grow.

Americans spend $60+ billion per year dieting. In 2012, Americans spent an estimated $65 billion trying to lose weight! This number has increased from:

  • $60.9 billion in 2010
  • $60.4 billion in 2009
  • $58.6 billion in 2008

When you analyse where the money goes – it cover a plethora of things:

  • Diet soft drinks – $21.15 billion
  • Health clubs – $19.5 billion (Gym statistics: members, equipment, and cancellations)
  • Medical plans – $8.25 billion (bariatric surgery, prescription diet drugs, hospital or physician plans, very low calorie plans)
  • Bariatric surgery – $5.77 billion
  • Commercial weight loss centers – $3.29 billion
  • Meal replacements and diet pills – $2.69 billion (Top 5 things to know about weight loss supplements)
  • Artificial sweeteners – $2.52 billion
  • Low calorie/diet foods – $2.32 billion
  • Diet books, exercise videos – $1.21 billion

Each year, more and more adults are trying to lose weight. In 2004, 33% of American adults were dieting; in 2000, 24% were dieting.’

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