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Success without Stress

Humor is just another defense against the universe – Mel Brooks

Your life will present challenges,  and you will find the strength to overcome them, to learn from them, and to grow and move on. But you don’t have to be so serious about all of it all of the time! Mel Brooks managed throughout his long career to cheer us up and provide a much needed distraction from the every day. His films include Blazing Saddles, The Producers and Robin Hood: Men in Tights and I bet you’ve seen at least one of those!

So why not take this opportunity to lighten up? Laughter is, after all, the best medicine and these days science can prove it. When you crack a joke or see the funny side of things, and laugh,  the body produces feel good chemicals. It’s true! So laugh at yourself a bit more – be humorous with others, and your body (and theirs)  will respond and you will become more resilient to whatever the universe throws at you.

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