It’s good practice to set a budget and try to save money on your food bill – but what if you are doing your best and still want to watch your spending? Here are 7 things you can do that you might not have tried yet.

save money on your food bill

1. Keep your food fresher for longer. When you extend the shelf life of your food, you can really save money on your food bill, as there’s less waste and you can eat everything you buy!

2. Learn to cook from fresh – try a new cook book, or pop online and find a YouTuber that you like. You can simply start with some tasty sauces, like this easy to make Tahini dressing, so your veggies and salads are transformed and you can save money on your food bill by making simple foods taste better.

3. Get help when you need it – changing habits is a bit like learning a new language – so as us for help. You can get a free 15 minute discovery call with Raw Energy coach Lawrence Mitchell – contact him directly by clicking here.

4. Tidy up your kitchen so there’s room for prepping veggies. I know it sounds silly but if you have a nice place to do food, you can save money on your food bill as you will be less inspired to pick up the takeaway menu.

5. Find your local markets, take a visit and you can pick up some bargains especially late in the afternoon! That’s even more money saved on your food bill – and you get a nice trip out while supporting local businesses.

6. Cook in batches – and save for next day’s lunch. That’s probably $10 or more per day so you can save money on your food bill as you won’t get a take away option.

7. Transform to a savoury breakfast – you will be fuller for longer and you can batch cook for the week. Cereal and breakfasts on the go aren’t cheap and they tend to be high in sugars too which will have you heading for extra snacks before lunch. So that’s calories and money saved!

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