Ready for the Easter Egg Hunt?

If you’re trying to cut down on the amount of sugar you’re taking in, then Easter can be a very challenging time when many of the good rules can easily go out of the window.

As you can imagine, I usually try to keep very few biscuits and sweet things in the house to avoid temptation during those hungry moments. However, at this time of year, the Easter Eggs just seem to keep on coming, particularly when you have a 7 year old son.

A simple trip to the grocery store is also a mind-blowing experience with the shelves stacked with so many Easter sweets, temptation everywhere you look.

So what do you do?

a. Don’t worry about it at all. Easter only comes once a year, so eat an egg or 10?

b. Put the eggs on a very high shelf and allow everyone to have a little piece every day for the next month (this was my mother’s strategy when I was young)?

c. Prepare your own made chocolate eggs, substituting the key ingredients for better quality ingredients like raw cocao powder (chocolate), coconut palm sugar (sugar) and coconut oil (fat).

To be honest, there isn’t a right answer. Whatever feels right for you, just do it, and then move on, with the awareness that we’re all eating far too much sugar these days – 170lbs on average per year which is not doing our health very much good.

If you’d like to reduce the amount of sugar you’re consuming, but need some very practical guidance, then make a note to buy (and read) Dr Mark Hyman’s latest book.

In Blood Sugar Solution, he not only addresses the health problems associated with consuming too much sugar, but provides an easy, step-by-step plan to take back control of your sugar cravings and reduce your risk of chronic disease.

There are also plenty of sugar-free recipes to help you easily make substitutes without thinking too much.

So take action now and have a wonderful ‘sugar-free’ Easter.

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