If someone told me a decade ago that I would be pitching myself as a speaker, I’d have laughed! Speaking to large groups of people wasn’t for me. But then I realised that no one would ever hear my message unless I overcame that fear and pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

In 2008, I was promoted to Marketing Director for RBI. With the role came 100 staff and the requirement to speak to all of them as a team every month! It terrified me at first, but the practice of speaking to 100 people every month gradually built my confidence.

I was them asked to speak at industry events and then came an opportunity to speak at the Reed Elsevier Leadership Conference in Istanbul. That was a big deal. It was only a 25 minute presentation, but I got to work with a speech coach who not only helped me with the content, but gave me a methodology for delivery which felt very natural to me. I realised that like all skills, speaking is an art that could be learnt.

Over the last decade, i’ve now spoken to a whole range of audiences, sharing my stories, perspectives and passions. I’ve continued to invest in the craft of speaking, working with Sam Cawthorne of the Speaker’s Institute to coach me and guide me to take my speaking to a whole new level and prepare me for speaking to bigger audiences.

I speak on business and personal transformation, drawing examples from my extensive career of working in Wellness, Food, Publishing and marketing, and of working in business at every stage of the cycle.