• Potion for removing heavy metals

Green Juice Recipe: 6 Tips For More Energy

Back in 2008, I was invited to a nutritional seminar by a guy called Peter Pure. It must have been around January 2008 and I had travelled to Marble Arch in London's West-End on a very cold, morning questioning whether this

  • Energy Soup

Dr Ann Wigmore’s Energy Soup Recipe

I'll be honest, for many people, Dr. Wigmore’s Energy Soup is a bit of an acquired taste. To put it another way, I've had guests who have spat it out with a look of horror on their face. Clearly this isn't the outcome you're looking for, so I'd recommend that you  refine the ingredients to get the taste you like. As I've been drinking green smoothies for years now, my taste has adapted and I can tolerate very bitter foods, no problem. For others who are more accustomized to sweeter foods, the bitter version might be too much to bear until your taste buds have adapted too.

  • Electrolyte lemonade recipe for faster post exercise recovery

Electrolyte lemonade recipe for faster post exercise recovery

Electrolyte lemonade recipe for faster post exercise recovery Inspired by the good weather, this summer,  Lisa at Team Raw Energy has increased her levels of exercise, upping from her few regular yoga classes a week, to 5/7 days running @5K in the forest, and 4-6

  • quick and easy tahini dressing raw energy

Quick and Easy Tahini Dressing That Goes With Absolutely Everything

I was looking for a does everything dressing that I could put on a salad, use as a dip, trickle over savoury rice dishes, and would also work as a spread on toast. AND it has to be quick and easy to make, the ingredients

  • Ginger Tea

Recipe for Ginger Tea

Ginger is a powerful de-stresser which calms the body, helps digestion, helping upset tummies and headaches, and it also reduces inflammation – a great all-rounder. Ginger tea is really easy to make and I like to make it every morning, as part of my morning

Samson’s Honey Granola: a simple recipe

I've been making honey granola for some while now, so was quite impressed when I came across this video of Samson (my son's), own take on the recipe. It's quite delicious; not that difficult to make and much better than most of the shop-bought varieties

The power of lemons – 5 minute prep series

Get another recipe of these miracle superfoods I was reminded of one of the rituals that my grandma used to do every morning without fail. She used to swear by it, explaining how it protected her from toxins and boosted her energy levels. Fast

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Winter Lemonade – 5 minute prep series

Here's another warming recipe to help fight off the germs this winter. I invented it this morning and can still feel the warmth and healing properties of the lemon and ginger inside me! As ever, this one took five minutes to prepare. Samson helped me.

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